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Cool and Warm color combination attribute

Colors with attributes from both the warm and cool colors can calm and excite. These are colors derived from a mix of a cool and warm color such as blue and red or blue and yellow.

A cool blue and a warm red combine to create deep purples and pale lavendars. To a lesser extent, shades of green, especially turquoise and teal, also have both the warming and cooling effects born of warm yellow and cool blue. Some light neutrals such as cream, pale beige, and taupe evoke some of the same warm and cool feelings of purples and greens. The opposite or clashing color for purple is green and for green, purple.

The profiles for each of these mixed colors include descriptions of their nature, cultural color meanings, how to use each color in design work, and which colors work best together.

* Purple
* Lavender
* Green
* Turquoise
* Beige


Luca said…
good to know that... Xia is it possible that you include either link or painting (even of other artists) that demonstrate what you explained; because all that you said make a lot of sense but I don't know how to use it!

Thanks mate!
XIA said…
Luca> Um...I will try to find some, but for now...just keep it in the back of your mind. When you start a painting, one of these theory or subtle knowledge might come up when you try to select color combination.