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Painting Portrait three quarter view

Painting Portrait  three quarter view. Here is the last one of the portrait series I did a few days back. This one is a bit different than the previous two on the lighting and also the skin tone. I painted this portrait toward a little more toward cool side of color temperature (blue and purple). Also the lighting direction is coming from slightly below toward the front, instead of 45 degree above (default lighting) So it is quite a challenge for me to switch up the lighting around.
Tutorial is coming soon, I hope :)

3/4 view Portrait painting

Below are step by step painting portrait of a woman three quarter view:
how to paint portrait three quarter view

Here is a bigger image of
a final 3/4 view portrait painting of a woman:
how to paint portrait three quarter view

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I just can say WOWWWW!!!!!
Thank you for the holiday gift :X you have no idea.... how much i love you Xia!!:X :X :X
pokepetter said…
REALLY nice! Thank you so much for the present^^

Maybe you could make a teaser or preview for these tutorials. Might up the sales a bit.
Chris Reeve said…
Cheers man. Merry Christmas! What did you ask for from santa? :P Would it be your own personal life drawing model?
Luca Cauchi said…
Wonderful as always brother - thanks a lot mate! Wish you'll pass good days!
Anonymous said…
Hi Xia,
first I want to say that you rock!
And then send you the link of my blog because I’ve just added a link of your great inspirational blog ;)
I’ve also got some of your video tutorials and really happy to pay them because they’re simply great.
Keep going!

idrawgirls said…
Negar> Glad you like it. Keep up the good work sister!

pokepetter> Glad you also like it. You too keep up the good work, you've come quite a long way.

Chris> Thanks man for all your support and help brother!

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