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Painting portrait of a woman

Painting portrait of a woman, female. Here is a portrait paint I did a few day ago. It takes me about a few hours.  Below are step by step images of how to paint this portrait.  This is a digital painting using Photoshop and Wacom tablet.  It's very common among concept artists in video game productions and professional illustrators. 
 As for video tutorial this one is part of a Premium How to paint portrait Face Constructed 2, the video tutorial has over three hours of lessons with 14 chapters.  It has in depth demonstration how to paint portrait from front view, three quarter view, side view (profile) and painting with custom made Photoshop brushes.

Painting woman portrait

Below are step by step painting woman portrait how to
painting woman portrait step by step

Here is a final Female Portrait painting:
how to paint portrait

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Premium  TUTORIALS: *Over 60 minutes to 2 hours of video.
Environmental Concept Sketch Tutorial
Constructed: How to draw faces
Face Constructed: How to paint portraits
-Draw and Paint Women Body Tutorial I: Female Figure I
-Draw and Paint Women Body Tutorial II: Female Figure II

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Luca Cauchi said…
Wow brother... believe me or not but she kind of looks like my sister (except her nose)!! I can't believe :D
Anyways, looking forward for the video - I need to practice a LOT on portraits, it's something I also like to draw.

Peace & Love!
negar said…
WOW!!! great work ! I think you like Gemma Award a lot :)
But actually her chin is little different...
Why don`t you send a portrait from yourself?!! < just kidding > :P