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Shaolin Monk Online Manga kung fu comics Kapow Express says No to violence

Shaolin Monk Online Manga kung fu comics Kapow Express says No to violence. Say "No" to violence kids. Really? um...
Sometimes I wonder if our instinct is divine? Is our moral quality nature or nurture?
So many questions...not many find the answers. At least if you can find the one that's right for you, you should be good, shouldn't you? Is there such thing as ultimate Truth?
(just kiddin...don't listen to me. Enlightening people is not really my job. :) I don't want to make you guys' head explode.)

Anyway! Here is Online Manga Comics, Kapow Express page #017

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-Online Manga Kapow Express page #016
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Luca said…
oh brother! it's also getting philosophical! And who's that mysterious person??? Don't tell me... I want to wait till next week -Patience is a Great Virtue!

Well done mate, wonderful artwork as usual!

pokepetter said…
I didn't expect that... Really good Xia, it's awesome.
Chris said…
I feel like a long post, it's been a while.

I think there is such a thing as the ultimate truth, or atleast our morality comes naturally.
I'll use some Elephants as an example; in the wild they will mourn the loss of a family member or member of their herd. So do other animals.

If they had no morality they wouldn't care less. Elephants aren't bound by laws like we are, only instinct. If Elephants or other animals have this morality or sensitivity I see no reason why the same can't be said for us. Not all of us obviously, but most.


Do you think Mr. Goofy waxes his head?

"every man dies, not every man really lives." reminds me of a scene from Blade Runner.

Word alterations: the little thought sentence "Getaway from me" needs to be "Get away from me"

and both uses of the word violent should be changed to violence.

That's it! Weekend here we come! (and the beginning of my Christmas holiday already too mwahahahaaaa!!)
Anonymous said…
Umm. I love this blog. I've come obsessed with it and I've learned a lot from that so thank you! And it really has helped me to decide what I wanna study from now on as now I'm studying Fine arts and painting. What I would know is that where did you study or are you self learned and umm... Stuff like that so I know what sorta departments I could apply here in Finland and see if we have any of those. Great work, great inspiration! Thank you so much! :)
dahaca6022 said…
WOW!really exiting!is big bow ever gonna do anything,or just comment?I like the faces in the sixth panel!From the looks of the uninvited guest I may guess only that new character(the old woman).
Did know that Prince of Persia is out!If not we in Bulgaria get every game for free earlier than anyone.But it's a dangerous country.everything in the comic can happen in Bulgaria.
Luca said…
brother I know it has nothing to do with the manga, but is it possible you tell me your opinion about that environmental sketch I posted on the community page - you know how much I appreciate your comments good and bad! Please and thanks!

Knuckles930 said…
The text in the 2nd panel "Hand it over or DIE" might need an outline or
a different position, since now its
nearly black on black.

And what gave the clue to an old woman, dahaca6022?

Might have missed something.

Anyway looks good, and next weeks I
should gain full internet access again.