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Warm Color theory

Warm colors rev us up and get us going. The warmth of red, yellow, or orange can create excitement or even anger. Warm colors convey emotions from simple optimism to strong violence. The neutrals of black and brown also carry warm attributes.

In nature, warm colors represent change as in the changing of the seasons or the eruption of a volcano. Tone down the strong emotions of a warm palette with some soothing cool or neutral colors or by using the lighter side of the warm palette such as pinks, pale yellows, and peach.

Warm colors appear larger than cool colors so red can visually overpower blue even if used in equal amounts. Warm colors appear closer while their cool counterparts visually recede on the page.

The profiles for each of these warm colors include descriptions of their nature, cultural color meanings, how to use each color in design work, and which colors work best together.

* Red
* Pink
* Yellow
* Gold
* Orange
* Black
* Brown


dahaca6022 said…
Colour!Got it!But which brush is soft and which is hard?All I use is the round brush and my brushes.
XIA said…
Dahaca> Default Photoshop or Gimp round have hard edge. The round with blurry edge (kinda like airbrush) are soft edge. Make senses? Those two goes hand in hand when making edges which are very crucial in painting.

I thought I talk about edges before in one of the post, I will talk about it again then soon.
dahaca6022 said…
didn't notice that.thank you very much