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7 steps to improve Composition, more tricks on composition for artists.

7 steps to improve Composition from Percy Principles of Art and Composition, more tricks on composition for artists.
I just found more of really cool information on composition that I think would be useful for us all. It's called Percy Principles.

There are seven check lists for your composition:
#1 - Avoid a sore thumb. Nothing in the composition should be so strong that the rest of the composition looks neglected.
#2 - Keep everything connected. Connect each part of the composition to something else in the composition.
#3 - Include Secrets. Artwork is more interesting and expressive if it has hidden features and ideas that it only reveals to diligent observers.
#4 - Challenge common assumptions. Strong artwork often makes the viewer question prior assumptions about the world.
#5 - Cherish Mistakes. Mistakes are fascinating gifts, and what we do with them makes all the difference.
#6 - Be Accident Prone. Accidents in art are tragic or happy - depending on the artist's disposition to respond.
#7 - Never borrow other artist's ideas. Steal 'em!

written by Marvin Percy Bartel
More detail on the subject here: Marvin Percy Bartel

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Andrew Wong said…
These are great mantras to keep in mind. I've noticed that I'm prone to breaking tip #1, particularly when applying highlights.

I like the last one; Picasso said, "Good artists copy. Great artists steal."
Anonymous said…
what size tablet do you use?
Luca said…
thanks there are really helpful! thanks a million! :D

XIA said…
Andrew> I usually have a small flash card when I paint to check and see when I can't figure out what's wrong with the image. These tips are pretty useful, especially the one I posted earlier on the painting checklist.

Anonymous> 6x8 Wacom, I wish I have a big one.

Luca> Yes, brother. I am glad they are useful.