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Free drawing Video tutorials on idrawgirls update

Hello guys,

IMPORTANT: Free drawing Video tutorials on idrawgirls update
Some of the videos on do not work at the moment, especially the ones using embed video from REVVER. They didn't even send any notification to me at all, so I have no idea that they will be out.
I am a little ticked off. Otherwise I would have known what is to become and prepare for it. Over hundreds of my videos disappear overnight so I will have to find new public host or host it myself. I am not very happy about that. ):(

My guess is they might be out of business or took their site down. So...from now on I will have to re-upload everything using either youtube or howcast and fix all the posts.

We are still stand, if you can't see certain video when you click thumbnails, be patient. It will take time to fix these.

Alright guys, have a great weekend.
Have to go change the embed code now. :)


Luca said…
Oh Ship!! Bad brother, but till this morning (here in Malta) I have been reviewing some of the old environmental sketches you did and they worked well... (you know I miss enviroments sooo much! :)

Well I think you should upload them on Youtube... it's more safe there!

Good luck and Peace!
Dave said…
Hi Xia,

Sorry to hear about your vid host. That's going to take a fair bit of work to correct as you had so many posts and vids :(.

Can I recommend over youtube. They do all the same embed stuff as youtube, but I think the embeded player looks better. You can also set up a quick "video jukebox" widget for your site that will automatically update as you upload your new videos.

It does however currently have a 500mb upload limit per week.

Anyway good luck with whatever you choose
Knuckles930 said…
Xia, if your interested I can give you a link to a web hosting company, on which I also host my site. As far as I know there service is good and not expensive. In case you want to start hosting them yourself.

Anyway good luck working this out.
snow said…
random question for xia!

how important is memory figure drawing in the field of concept art? obviously its something you need to have an idea of and helps putting something down originally, but for complicated poses of characters do any professionals you work with use poser or something similar often?

I just feel i am spending too much time on my memory drawing that i could be working on my pencil rendering of referenced material (ie poser).

hope this makes sense, its 3am here XD

Gormash said…
Ouch! Sorry to hear about the video problems. I've been a frequent visitor ever since I discovered your blog a few months ago and really love your video features.

I hope you'll be able to fix the problem with a minimum of trouble. Best of luck, and thanks for taking the time to record the videos for us to view. :)
Anonymous said…
Hello, I'm sure you've been asked this a lot, so sorry for making you repeat yourself -- I'm wondering what tablet are you using? You say it's a Wacom Intuos3, but I couldn't find what size it is and such. Thank you.
XIA said…
ano> I believe it's 6 x 8. I have a few of them.
XIA said…
All> Thanks for your support, Revver is actually working fine now and hopefully continue to do so.

Dave> Thanks for the tips

Knuckles> Thanks, I also have my own host, but I didn't want to vid to hog the bandwidth. :) Also it's good to be out in public.

snow> It's very important if you are a character designer. Though there are a few who are not really a figure savy and it shows in the work. You don't want to be that guy, it won't last long in the industry and won't be in demand when time is tough. Aim for being among the best, work hard and try to learn everything and be #001 in the small circle...then move on...learn as much as you can, pick your specialty, and be the best you can be. Peace!

Gormash> Thanks for the support man! Cheers!!!