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Leathal injection droid and steam punk insect

Leathal injection droid and steam punk insect
Wow, these are real gems. Super cool art of robots and alike from Christopher Conte
from Norway that I stumbled on while looking for some inspirational stuff on the web.

Here are some of his work:

visit his site at:
I love them all ;)

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pokepetter said…
Wow those are awesome! so cool :) Really inspiring.

He's from the same city as me btw^^
Luca said…
He's truly, undoubtly awesome! his work is incredible! althought many of his creations are very small, they're highly detailed!

Thanks for telling us brother!
pokepetter said…
Xia, do you know a good reference site for costume design?

I really appreciate the flow of post on twitter.
XIA said…
Thanks guys, Glad you guys like them. I love those!

Pokepetter> Follow my twitter (on the right site of the blog) I will post them there, tons of free brushes, tips, ref and stuff. :)
Chris said…
Hey it's cool to see some 3-D work in the limelight! I don't need to tell you how difficult making that spiderbot would be...

I found a steam punk robot the other day, if only I could remember where.
XIA said…
Chris> Uh...come on brother, don't leave us hanging dry here! More Robots!!!
dahaca6022 said…
Cool!But what does it have to do with drawing?MORE ROBOTS!
Luca said…
I know this may sound weird or stupid as a question... but could you please tell me what is the twitter thing Xia? I have entered there and created an account too but I still can't get what's all about! I have got some good brushes too but can't undetstand a thing! -__-
Well excuse my stupidity again! but your explanation will be appreciated!

XIA said…
Luca> It's like IM + blog, but you can subscribe. So basically it's good for Bloggers, as for me, to post quick links, notes, and any small useful stuff. Instead of making a full post on Blog, sometimes it's not worth the time to blog so I Twitted, like links to brushes, cool vids, etc. Though there are many who twitt about nothing.
Luca said…
Oh now I can understand! thanks brother for the explanation... at first the word "blogging" was also a strange word, and never thaught that I would end up blogging! :)
Thanks mate!