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Online Manga comics "Kapow Express" update chapter 1 almost over!

Online Manga comics "Kapow Express" update chapter 1 almost over!

I woke up really early for Saturday morning trying to catch up with the "Kapow Express" project. Enjoy! Tons of stuff to do for me. Catching up with work on Guild War II, fixing all the missing video on idrawgirls, then comics...wish me luck.
I can do this!!!

As for the video tutorial, it seems now that REVVER is back online. So you can everything works out just fine at the moment. :)

Here we have Kapow page# 021

Kapow Express page 21:
heaven sword, kung fu comics, storm rider, preying mantis, kapow express

Will the sword of dawn save our heroes or will Big Bow kick their butts.
next week the final page for chapter1, don't miss it. :P

-Online Manga Kapow Express page #020
Or For page 1-19 visit Online Manga

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pokepetter said…
Good luck man. You work is the most important. Don't kill yourself. You'll be done with it faster than you expect.
Luca said…
Agree with Pokepetter... all of us can understand you! just take care!
Well done, although you're busy, the artwork is great as usual.

I wish you all the best, good luck with your work!

Kenji Motoki said…
Your works are getting better everytime. Just chill and relax often to get new ideas and aspirations. As an artist, it helps sometimes.

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Anonymous said…
goodluck... i love you ...chookcha
dahaca6022 said…
HA HA!DID YOU SEE GOOFY's FACE?!HA!Bravo!You know Xia you can draw out of the frames.Only for the effects.Like Big Bow's hands could go over the frame to look 3-D
Chris said…
Hey first time I've seen the feed burner thing go over 600... congrats Xia dude. Do we have to wait till after GW2 is out before we can see the concepts again? I wanna see what cool armors you've come up with this time.
XIA said…
Thank you for all your support and comment guys, I will try to keep it up. :)