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Secret of how to be insanely creative artist tips

What is the Secret of how to be insanely creative?

Just found this article from Jonathan Mead , very interesting and very inspiring. I found it very useful and hopefully it will also be useful to you guys.

Here we go:

"What’s the secret to unleashing your creativity?

I’ll tell you, but it’s not what you think…

As an aspiring artist, I’ve spent a lot of time trying figure out how to be more creative. I’ve explored the traditional paths to creativity; painting, drawing, playing an instrument, creative writing, poetry, etc. I connected with creative souls; artists, and people living off the grid (away from the mainstream).

While I found this sparked my creative spirit, it only went so far. I was hacking at the branches rather than the root. ... continue on to Secret of how to be insanely creative on his blog."

Enjoy, it's all good stuff

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An-Tim Nguyen said…
Interesting approach on life.
dahaca6022 said…
I expected something else.
XIA said…
Knuckle & An-Tim> Cool stuff huh, very Zen.
dahaca> What do you expect? I am curious.
dahaca6022 said…
Never mind!After reading it again I've understood that now I am more creative than ever.My choices make me unique.Thanks!
As for the thing I expected.I thought It might be a kind of meditation which "breaks" the "bonds" of reality therefore becoming more creative than ever!
(or insane for that matter! :D :D :D)
XIA said…
dahaca>> Ha ha, you are funny brother. I think you might be watching too much Kung Fu movies or series or something. Break thru after you get some kind of secret scrolls, possibly? :)
Don't worry, Kapow might be coming next week, I have to accumulate my thought for the next chapter. :)
dahaca6022 said…
Yeah!Bleach and Naruto!Can't wait for the next episode of Kapow!