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Three coolest buidling hotel concept design

Three coolest hotel building concept designs. Just found these images around the web.
This are so cool and might be useful to stir your imagination and be inspired.

1) Designer: Sybarite
Status: Concept
Estimated project cost: $500million

2) Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Designer: Tom Wright (WS Atkins PLC), Khuan Chew
Status: Complete
Estimated project cost: $650 million

3) Location: Songjiang, China
Designer: Atkin’s Architecture Group
Status: Concept

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Luca said…
Oh they are amazing! Dubai is getting wonderful!
Who knows how much the designers have got paid for the building design! Can't imagine! :S
pokepetter said…
These are awesome. The top one looks really scary though. Looks like it's going to fall.
pokepetter said…
Our own snøhetta have some really nice design too. They're pretty big. Well thos are the cool building I know of. Feel free to share the rest of you^^
Chris said…
Check out Santiago Calatrava if you like architectural designs like this.
Knuckles930 said…
Something very interesting also is, I think the "Blur Building". You can find some photo's of it on Google.
negar said…
wow!ehem ehem ... I`m expert in Architectural stuff!!!
Borjolarab is my favorite,because I can see it every day from my office window :)