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Creature Concept design step by step paint over line art

How to paint ogre dragon.  Creature Concept design step by step paint over line art. Here we go again, I am digging out some of the sketches that I did and try to give it a better version or finish it up.

This time, it's some sort of giant dragon type of creatures. It doesn't really look like a typical dragon, just a variation of its kind. We do that a lot when we try to concept creatures and see what kind of stuff we can come up with that look different, but not totally far off.

It was totally fun because I haven't really done any creature in long while.

It's still a work in process and hopefully I will finish it up in a couple more sitting or approximately 3 hours of thinking and couple hours of painting. :)
Here is what I have so far...
"Green Stripes Dragon"

Here is the creature concept painting process step by step

how to, creature concept tutorial, painting

concept art, creature concept design

concept art, green dragon

ALMOST there! To be continued....

Watch the sketch video how to draw Green Dragon:

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Nick Fechter said…
Very cool Xia! I especially like how you hit one side of the drawing with blue and the other side with red.
Chris said…
That dragon looks quite friendly. Are you going to keep his left shoulder quite loose? I think it leads the focus to the head quite well, and the blend of blue/green (atleast that's how i see it) above/around his back is beautiful.

It's inspiring me to work, only I've busted my drawing shoulder. I could practice with my left I guess.
dahaca6022 said…
Woah!Xiz this is fantastic!The dragon and the spear figure!You inspire us all!

Sorry Chris.Get well soon!
Luca said…
GREAT!! Xia, I still remember when you posted the line drawing of this dragon but it never crossed my mind that it could turn so Awesome. That underlighting makes things more real and 3d. Keep on amazing us :)
Metal Factory said…
This is just amazing! Check out the pic i drew after watching this tutorial. You inspire me, Xia!! thanks!
Ray said…
Amazing, i love it
i was wondering how you upload the brushes into Photoshop that i bought and downloaded from here. much thanks if you could help me out :)
thanks by the way for those books you recommended for anatomy and stance

Best regards
Raymond Mullen
Great idea for a blog. There are some great topics to discuss in there. I'll be sure to check back!
XIA said…
Nick, Chris, Dahaca, Luca, metal Factory, Ray, Pheromone> Thanks guys, I have no idea how I miss this post response. :) Happy Holiday!!!
Rafael said…
This is awesome. I wish we could see the entire process.
XIA said…
Rafael> he he, me too. I can't always record and work all the time, I can only wish. It's distracting when recording and trying to work. The work always come out only 70% of how it should be when I record. Less time to think clearly, but I do try my best. There will still be more videos. No worry. :)