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Digital Painting Process Character Rogue Samurai Swordsman Update

Digital Painting Process Rogue Samurai Swordsman Update.

Here is an update on the image I worked on for fun. I notice something I should mention. Usually the first half hour of painting is more like a warm up for me, so does in drawing. During the time, things usually but not always don't come together as well as I expect.
But things started to pieces together after that, it is usually goes really well when I have about an hour in and then taper off after a few hours.
So currently I spend the first half hour doodling and studying on other image as a warm up before I start painting the project that I left off mid way. I found it gives me better result instead of jumping in right away without warming up. I notice that in life drawing also, I usually have to spend about 15 minutes struggling to get where I think I should be. In case you missed, you can look at the previous post for step by step digital painting tutorial Rogue Samurai

Another tip is that I could work on a few images at the same time, then alternate them as I feel like what I want to work on at times. This way you won't get sick of just working on one image. On the plus side, you could found some idea while working on environment for your character concept or the other way around.

Art Tip: "Decide what is in light and what is in shadow and don’t mix them up. Think like a comic artist. Two values, but if they are well thought out and designed and drawn they can look totally real." Craig Mullins

Here is the update images on "Rogue Swordsman" or should I say "Swordsgirl"?

how to draw woman comics style

Click here to download a Bigger version: Rogue Samurai
The image is almost final, still have a few minor stuff to paint over.
So one more update and she should be done, I hope. :)

*Last image update on July 16, 2009*


Chris said…
I love that thick line around her left side. I'm finding it hard to figure out why. It could be that it simply reminds me of some character art I've seen or perhaps it helps it stand out more or maybe I just like thick outlines on things.

Quite a jump from the last post to this one man, she looks badass!
XIA said…
Chris> Thanks...time flies with this one for no reason. But I spend more time thinking, experimenting and trying to apply what I've read on Sargent's & Mullins' notes. Painting itself is not so long but planning and thinking is about as long if not longer. Also I am a big fan of Mucha, that where the thick line comes in I guess. Though I just want it to emphasize the focal point rather have it everywhere. Just some experimental and playing around trying to combine what elements/artists' method inspired me as an artist to begin with. Glad you like it. :)
Luca said…
Now it's really fantastic. The bouncing light makes things really great. Also the shadow on her back gives the image a great sense of depth. Well done Xia, I really hope to get to this level someday...
Wintersweet said…
Swordswoman, thank you, LOL.

I love the look of this!
Hi Xia, thank you for your visit!
I think you have a great Blog, very inspiring!great learning resource:)

Hope you don´t mind that i´ll link to you.


Anwar said…
Excelent draws and great tutorials XD

Regards from Spain
XIA said…
Wintersweet> Thanks brother!

Goncalo Pereira> Thanks brother! I will do the same. Great stuff you have there...and BTW I just tweet about you. That MECH machine and the FOX are BADASSness!

Anwar> Thanks brother! :) Cheers!