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Small update on Mecha robot

Quick update on the Mecha robot at its hidden base. :)
Look around and click on thumbnails above for drawing and painting video or step by step tutorial.
Sorry guys, I have been very busy, but will update on the post soon,

You can see the step by step how to from the previous post here: Digital Painting Mech Robot Modified.

digital painting process mecha

Go here to download bigger version Mecha Robot Cave

Environmental Concept Sketch Tutorial
Face Constructed: How to draw faces
Face Constructed: How to paint portraits


chris B said…
Looks awesome good job.
pokepetter said…
Wow. It just got bigger huh. Took me awhile to spot the peeps so maybe add some people in the foreground or some birds.

I like the water btw.
Luca said…
Great- now you can call it finished!
just like i have said;;;;
man love this mecha ooou yeahh
pokepetter said…
Weird, I found EDUARDO PEÑA's blog the day before you twitted about it. He's got some cool stuff btw, kind of like flap's stuff.
Luca said…
pokepetter> yeah I actually came across it a while back and you're right, his art reminds me of flaptraps.Both of them do great work. Well done :)
pokepetter said…
Chris said…
I second that poke. Grats on the trailer Xia, were any of your drawings/designs in it?
XIA said…
Sorry guys, it's been a while since I reply on the comment. :(
Tons of concept to finish up for GW2. GW2 Trailer is up so...I am busy like a crazy bee.

Chris B> Thanks man!!!

Pokepetter> True true, I should, shouldn't I? Will try to find the spot to place.
Yeah, I found EDUARDO PEÑA thru CGhub one of my fav.
Flap (Richard Anderson) just agree to do some tutorial, I was hoping for Jaime Jones soon, and Doug and Keka. But Richard is doing it for real.

Luca> Possibly, Yeah, I found EDUARDO PEÑA thru CGhub one of my fav.
Flap (Richard Anderson) just agree to do some tutorial, I was hoping for Jaime Jones soon...still need to talk to him.

Chris> Thanks, probably tiny little bit (I've been slacking) ;). In the trialer, mostly (the BADASS) Kekai Kotaki's stuff. He was working with the Cinematic team to get the trailer out. Other concept will come out when the GW2 special edition with the art book I assume. :)
XIA said…
OH By the way. BLOG just turn THREE years this month!!!
Thanks guys!!! :) Time fly
XIA said…
EDUARDO PEÑA> Oh yeah, thanks for the visiting MAN!!! Love your work! Very inspring. These kids around here love your work also. :)
Luca said…
Oh happy birthday to idrawgirls then!! :) Time really flies Xia.

I noticed that most of the work was Kekai's but I also noticed that dragon profile of Daniel Dociu... Truly Badass man!

I hope that Jaime, Doug and Kekai come up with some tutorial as well soon enough.
Thanks and one last thing, I hope that the special edition with the artbook will not be limited right?? I want to get the artbook. Let me know.

jejeje mr XIA,, man thanks for appreciate my work really, is an honor man,,