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Painting Rogue X-men

Painting Rogue X-men digital painting process, unfinished. Some random sketch I did for fun.

First of all, it's been a while. I kind of take some time away and think of what I could do more for this blog that would benefit fellow artists more.
Thanks for all comments and e-mails (again) really appreciate them. Apologize for some that I still did not get to answer, I have been really busy but I am trying to get to them all. Usually I get the blog comment first. :)
Anyway, apart from making art tutorials, there are many questions from many young artists who wants to make a career out of what they love. So I have been thinking that I should very soon post more information on how to break in or basically how to earn a living from doing art work. As you know, I often post job opportunities on my TWITTER feed. So I think that will be a great additional valuable information to this blog. I will come up with more.
And of course I will still be doing tutorials along with it, but I just want this blog to be more valuable than what it's already is. Because it only make sense that once you get to learn how to draw and paint good, then what's next? Do you sit around with it? What can you do with it? I will try my best to fill you in. is a sketch out of boredom. I haven't touch the previous executioner in a I will leave that to faith whether I would finish that one or not...possibly. :)
Here is a girl sketch since it's been a while. Still unfinished and not refine...just one of those killing time and practice doodle.

painting Rogue X-men

If any of you remember, it's basically an adaptation of the previous quick sketch tutorial I did a while back. I looks almost nothing alike.
Metal Gear Girl, how to draw, step by step, tutorial

And if you have never seen the sketch video of this one, check it out below.
Watch the drawing process video tutorial: Drawing Manga Metal Gear girl

Environmental Concept Sketch Tutorial
Face Constructed: How to draw faces
Face Constructed: How to paint portraits


chris B said…
vary nice. I enjoy watching you ideas come to life good job once again.
mohit said…
awesome work. keep it up.
manit said…
seriously man good work.i mean what an awesome one i mean its sooo softly finished and so coool.well i recommend you to send your work for exotique 5.its really great to see your work over there.
XIA said…
Chris B> Thanks brother, I was thinking to work on her a bit more...we will see.

mohit> Thanks brother :)

manit> Thanks brother, I wish I have more time to do more stuff and submit my work in places...but it's cool. Thanks for the thought will think about it when I finished her. Or if I finish her. :)
Luca said…
Welcome back brother! Well, I kinda missed your regular posts :) I'm glad you'll start posting regularly. I admire your way on how you're able to draw great girls so easily...!

I will be waiting for some information on how to start making a living out of art, cause, I do follow you on Twitter, but many of the positions apply for Americans, and I'm from Europe; and you know how much I LOVE doing art and learning... you can see the hard work I do, but I still make no money out of my least not yet!

Thanks again Xia for the great help you've always given me- I really appreciate it ;)
Franco said…
Hello, XIA, can I make a question?
WHo are your inspirations for drawing? Your favorites artists?
wow, your articles are very interesting, nice blog.

-cathy young
Tetsuryu said…
Wow, that's a massive improvement; great job. I have to ask, was Lyndall Jarvis (Laughing Octopus, MGS4) used as a reference? Because it certainly bears a resemblance to her.
Chris said…
Xia... is that you?... how time has ravaged your once youthful looks...

Seriously though welcome back dude. Don't worry yourself too much over how to improve on your site for others: you're a professional concept artist who offers hundreds of free tutorials and more epic tutorials, you post up resources for photoshop and the fundamentals of painting, you've got a community for all the members to show and tell their work and you basically give us an insight into what a guy who draws for most of his day gets up to. That's a heck of alot more then most people out there. Just don't let it become another form of work is all I'm saying I guess!
XIA said…
Luca> Thanks brother, hopefully...I recently also start doing WingChun regularly and possibly might start blogging about such things whether here or somewhere. :) But drawing girl doesn't always come easy...hours and hours of life up til now. Well, you can start from doing freelance for trading cards or coloring comic book (the easiest way to get in and get paid and build up professional portfolio). Will write about that soon.

Franco> Too many to names names. Mucha, Sargent, Mullins, Sparth, Daniel Dociu, BaronTieri, Frank Frazetta, Tetsuya Terada, etc.

Hotcovergirls> Love the name, thx..wish you could hook me up with some cover girls. :)

Tetsuryu> I don't know who she is but just Google her. She's definitely HOT. :)

Chris> Ha ha Thx brother. It's been a long while, been busy and party a lot. Also going to visit a good friend in San Francisco in 2 days. Thanks for the big props, yeah I am glad I started this blog and people are happy about what they getting.
I am just trying to find some more variety form of how to help the next generation and show them the windows. It will be short post here and there. And this should be fun for me too. Hopefully will get to it soon.