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The Executioner concept art small update on armor

How to paint executioner.  The Executioner concept art small update on armor detail and more overall metal render stuff.
Yeah, I took cool advice from some other artist that sometimes if you work on only one piece all the time you will get bored. So if you can, you should work on a few images at time so you get fresh eyes and idea whenever you go back to the previous one. Once you get bore with the current concept or illustration work, go work on couple of new ones, then go back and forth.

Anyway, I will write some more content when I have sometimes, will be back.
concept art, digital painting

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Luca said…
Good tip Xia, yeah I also get bored when some painting start taking me lots of time, so I'll try this technique.
Thanks and nice armor design as always :)

XIA said…
Luca> I know...and when you bored you loose the motivation to go further. has always have to have some purpose or get us excited! Thx brother!