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Creature Character concept art Monster Boar update

Creature Character concept art Monster Boar update.

Here is a Zodiac Boar zombie undead monster update. I have some time on the weekend to work on it tiny little bit. Basically I work on its ferocious face and refine it a bit more. Also decide to take the long tongue out to reveal its lower teeth more and it works out better.
Anyway, it's a shot update if you want to go see a previous post ,creature concept step by step Boar monster, with accompany video tutorial.

Short post today, but more are coming.

how to draw creature character design


Luca said…
Xia, sorry for going out of this subject of the zodiac... but is it possible you give us some information and tips (and maybe show us some of your work as well) on Oil painting techniques? I really wish to start making some serious painting with oils but I don't know the right technique... any tips? (or links)

Thanks again and good job. I suggest you to keep it's eye plane as it is, cause it gives it more a ferocious look.
XIA said…
Luca> I wish I can paint oil to the point that I can give instruction, but if you remember I mention Richard Schmidth (get his book call "Alla Prima", Jeremy Lipking, alex kanevsky, and scott burdick. Find them on Google or look thru my tweet.

IMO in OIL, I think best is the paint from life. And I really hope some day, I could do just that. But for now...I am still sticking to what I know best until the calling comes. :)
hellboy said…
its dificult to make woman eyes...can u give me advise...and how to setting the bruses like u do
XIA said…
hellboy> It is... but don't rely on the brush, default brushes work fine for me. Focus on foundation, correct drawing, values.

Look on the right column of the blog, there are tons of tutorials.