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Creature concept step by step Boar Monster Orge Zombie

Creature concept step by step Boar Monster Orge Zombie. Have some time to sketch up some creature stuff for the Zodiac project, the Boar undead zombie monster. It's a long story and I will eventually have some explanation later (that is if I can come up with one)

So I decide to go with the year of the boar first because it would be the easiest for me to start or that's what I thought anyway, It turns out not so much...well, I have some sort of vague idea in mind, but I didn't execute it well enough. So this is just a quick throwing idea around sketching to get it off the ground for now. I will probably redesign it later...I kind of want it to be ferocious, mean, but also have some hint of humor at the same time. It seems that it didn't go into that direction. But I will get it...soon. :)

The process of quick concept I did for the boar monster is very similar to How to draw comics Barbarian Warrior video tutorial (recommend to watch) and How to draw comics woman viking warrior video tutorial. I usually try to find values and assign gray scale to the figure first which makes the job a lot more easier if you can get the overall values range, like in this drawing video tutorial How to draw a vampire woman and from there you can assign color in the middle of process then continue on working like in this video example How to draw werewolf creature monster tutorial. Well, I will have to fix this Boar Zombie monster concept for sure. :P

Here is a Boar Creature concept design sketch so far.

I have a really good note on Digital Art technique assigning color to Gray Scale process that you might want to read (click on the link). It should be helpful.
Here are step by step process of the Boar Zombie Creature (Grayscale)
how to draw creature character design

Now that I thought about it....I did a drawing video of a different Boar Monster long time ago:
How to draw boar monster creature here:

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Luca said…
Man that character is progressing so good-- that fire is so cool. One super small thing I can suggest you to add is some rope or belt that holds his weapon attached on his back, so that it looks more realistic... agree?

And that boar looks fatty and I think he'll be hilarious as well... Keep us updated!
Chris said…
Did you add Zombie to his title to keep me sweet? :P
XIA said…
Luca> Thx brother, true true...

Chris> That! I did...ha ha and you know it!