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How to draw Captain America 2

How to draw Captain America 2, drawing video tutorial and step by step. Learn how to draw comics characters series #004.

Drawing and sketching Comics Super Hero Captain America. A video series of drawing comic book characters will hopefully help you gain knowledge of anatomy and dynamics in the positioning of the figure and the details. The more you watch and draw, the more you will get better. :)

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If you are interested in studying muscles and human anatomy briefly, we do have Drawing body muscle torso anatomy video & step by step and Drawing arm muscles bicep tricep video. Have fun watching.

A bit about Captain America, he was created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. Captain America was the alter ego of Steve Rogers, a sickly young man who was enhanced to the peak of human perfection by an experimental serum in order to aid the United States war effort. Captain America wears a costume that bears an American flag motif, and is armed with an indestructible shield that can be thrown as a weapon.

An intentionally patriotic creation who was often depicted fighting the Axis powers of World War II, Captain America was Timely Comics' most popular character during the wartime period. After the war ended, the character's popularity waned and he disappeared by the 1950s

Final quick sketch of Captain America

"I'm loyal to nothing...except the Dream." -Captain America

Here are step by step drawing Captain America tutorial:
How to draw Captain America

Watch Drawing video tutorial: How to draw Captain America

Here is another Captain America Sketch:

Here are step by step drawing Captain America tutorial:
How to draw Marvel comics Captain America

And another How to draw comics #007 Drawing Captain America:

*Over 60 minutes to 2 hours of video.
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