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Digital painting tutorial Rong'er character design update

Draw and paint female wizard step by step. Digital painting tutorial Rong'er character design update.

This is an update from the last post of the character HuangRong (黃蓉) concept design tribute to Condor Hero (射鵰英雄傳 -pinyin: shè diāo yīng xióng zhuàn) a Wuxia novel of Jin Rong or Louis Cha (查良鏞). See previous post Digital painting tutorial character. In the painting process I define the values (light and shadow) more and adding more color according to the existing values of the images. The I continue to add on more design onto the character as I see fit. The costume may not be a typical Song Dynasty as the character suppose to be in the historical timeline. It's more of a fun costume design just for the conceptual design or purely visual art purpose. I will keep on refining the concept to the final, it will probably take more hours of thinking and planning rather than executing the painting. Lighting is one of the most difficult problem to solve in painting and we all hope to at least get them to look fine, but if I could master it in this life time would be nice. :)

Here is a refine concept sketch I have so far (still work in progress)
How to draw character design

Here are more step by step process of how I get there from the last post
manga tutorial, painting character
Here is what I have so far for Huang Rong character concept.
concept art tutorial, character design

Here is the final illustration of the process: Huang Rong character concept art.

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Luca said…
I like how you managed to render her knee so well. Yeah bro, lighting is really hard... hopefully we get to understand it the more we paint.
Now one question, would someone like Kekai still have the same problems in rendering and lighting with such a strong understanding of art? Cause he does such great work especially with armour. Does he give you any tips on lighting and armour rendering? (cos I emailed him, but it's quite hard to get a reply) - I figured he might be really busy. :( I always say that feedback really keeps me motivated to paint more as I don't have anyone to chill my brains up around here... and I do want to get better.
Chris Reeve said…
That's a sweet design around the cloth on her left shoulder. Cute belt detail, and nice colours all around. If you are stuck about what to put in her right hand, I think you should go with a toothbrush. Because dental hygiene is worth fighting for!