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Hong Qigong Kungfu master final process

How to paint dragon warrior.  Here is the final process of the Northern Beggar Hong Qigong, 洪七公, character concept design. I had sometimes to look over and finalize the concept image finally. It isn't much different from the last post, just some minor tweak on the color, adding some depth and minor detail on clothing. Mostly it is still pretty the same, just a little more refine.
I probably spend more time looking and analyzing rather than actually painting or adding more detail on the final process. Now I can actually move on and do some more stuff.

As for more videos, I am pretty sure they will be coming out. Just been very busy and got a cold/flu from someone somewhere the past couple weeks. Not so much fun. :P

Here is the final image

Hong Qigong, 洪七公, concept art

Here is a bigger version: Northern Beggar Hong Qigong or 洪七公

To see the previous step by step painting process goto:
part 1: Lone warrior kungfu master sketch
part 2: Dragon warrior kungfu master painting process
part 3: Dragon Kungfu master digital painting process

Enjoy the tutorial process. Now I'm off to paint something new and fun. :)


Aaron said…
Awesome Xia. Very cool signature too; it looks like this should be on a scroll or framed.
Luca said…
Xia yeeeeah! I'm glad to see it done man. Great work you did here. Hope you have now recovered from flu. Oh, and how about Wing Chun? :)

All the best brother.
XIA said…
Aaron> thanks man, scroll is a good idea. ha ha...though I would have to make it looks better just a little.

Luca> Thanks bro, as for WingChun, every now and then...not as regular as I hope I would have time for...but mostly gym and on my own time. :)
That came out super-bad-ass. Thats two dashes, meaning its that cool. I really like watching you work, it definitely helps out to see the creative process. Great work!
XIA said…
Mike "Ki Gen"> Thanks brother, hopefully I will get more time to do more vids soon. Stay tune! :)