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How to draw Anime Girl foreshortening and hand

How to draw Anime girl foreshortening hand.
This post is a very basic tutorial for beginners. In this one you will learn to draw Anime or Manga character female, girl with foreshortening perspective and close up of a hand. We provide you with both FREE tutorial video and step by step tutorial.

Let begin drawing and sketching anime girl character series for manga, cartoon and comics.
First I will start very light rough sketch (or I called it construction lines) of a head, torso, hip, then arm in form of basic geometry shapes. Depending on what you focus on, aim for the big form first. It's a lot easier to draw when you break down body part in geometry first.
Then smooth out the geometry form by drawing over the light sketch construction lines. It is easy to make your line solid and pretty when you already have something to go off from.

Here is a final image drawing anime foreshortening and hand.

Here is a video tutorial how to draw Anime girl foreshortening and hand:

Below are step by step how to draw Anime girl.

draw anime foreshortening tutorial

and then now we are going to draw hand.
draw anime hand tutorial

Here is a final image:
how to draw Manga