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How to draw girl sitting pose

How to draw Anime girl sitting pose. Drawing and sketching Manga, Anime Girl in sitting position using pencil, paper and don't forget eraser for manga, cartoon and Anime. In this blog post, you will learn how to draw Anime girl sitting on her knees position with a little bit of perspective and slightly foreshortening. I am trying to emphasis on drawing basic geometry shapes to construct the whole head and body. When beginning to sketch, try not to make the lines too dark, make them light to begin with. After you constructed the whole body using lighter sketch, you can build your Anime girl by drawing on top of the existing construction lines that you already rought out. In this tutorial you will learn to finish drawing quick body construction sketch quick and easy. You will see video demonstration of drawing Anime or Manga style face and body: Head Toso and legs. And follow step by step image along the side of drawing video tutorials.

Here is the final image of Anime girl sitting:
learn to draw Anime girl sitting

Here is a video instruction how to draw Anime sitting position:

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Here are step by step drawing Anime girl sitting:
how to draw Anime girl sitting step 1

how to draw Anime girl sitting step 2

Here is the final image of Anime Girl sitting.
draw Anime girl sit pose


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