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How to draw face side view

How to draw face side view. Here is another portrait sketch study practice of a female side view. I usually start with basic geometry shape, for face, I use a circle but when you draw it out you should treat it as sphere. Then I draw a triangular shape below on one side of the sphere. Then I draw a horizontal line across the circle about half the height. Then the distance from the line to the bottom of the chin, half way in between that you could establish the bottom of the nose. Then half way between the bottom of the nose to chin, you will find where you could place a mouth.
Then on the horizontal line itself, you can draw another line underneath it parallel to the first one. And that would be the estimated distance of the eye's height. Anyway here is a final piece of the sketch:

Drawing people face side view or profile.

Below is the instruction how to draw people face side view step by step:
how to draw person face side view

draw woman face side view

draw portrait profile

Hope you enjoy the tutorial,

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