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Female character design sketch in process

How to draw female character design.  Female character design sketch in process. Just had some time last night to sketch a character in contemporary costume. Usually I tend to design a fantasy or period or sci-fi costume. This one I felt like I should do something normal in the current period environment. :)
Well, this one is pretty much a study that I intend to do. I am trying to render or paint leather and to get its values correctly. It is still in process and on its way (hopefully) to be finished.
It is a good exercise for any artist to study painting of fabric such as silk, satin, leather because those fabric when put right next to metal, skin, or plain cottons, they have unique quality and reflect light differently. In other words, it has its own way of showing off its values on a painting. If you look at many classical painting, they are great examples, especially John Singer Sargent, Ander Zorn, etc.
If you notice, the face is the one that I've already sketch earlier as a tutorial a while back. And I have a video tutorial for it you can go check it out here, How to draw comics batgirl. I just happen to like that face so I thought, I should do something better with it and create a new design for her. But still I did tweak the facial and hair just tiny bit so that it fits the new design.

So here it is.

Anyway, here is a step by step.

character design

here is what I have so far:
character concept sketch
Next Step here: Digital painting girl female sketch.
And continue to part 2 process, adding Zombie to the scene: How to draw Zombie digital painting.

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Luca said…
Well done Brother, I really dig the pose. Personally I wouldn't have added that weapon as it kinda looses her femminility in the painting... but of course this is just personal pref.

All the best bro -- I think you heard about Frazetta's death huh? Too bad, he'll be in the heart of many artists around the world.

XIA said…
Luca> Thanks bro, yeah the maze is there because she is or suppose to be in a short comics story I'm making...I know that I've unsuccessfully made a couple long story and never get time to finish and change my mind. And the Zodiac Blade project is never complete due to time and complication in animation and coding... So I decided to do something easier instead...short mystery twisted story...hopefully no more than 20 pages. Will see. ;)
Wish me luck.
XIA said…
Oh yeah and I just tweet about Frazetta News...very sad. He was and still is my HUGE inspiration. RIP Frank.
Knuckles930 said…
Condolences all.

As for the new painting and short story, sounds good.

And if your working on rendering leather anyway, mind trying a SS or Wehrmacht officer? I would like to see how you would put one of those.
Luca said…
Xia> you've got my support on your back brother! I'm sure you'll do a great job. You're learning animation as well? Lately I've been doing alot of Oils and portrait drawings and paintings. I haven't done digital as I used to. I feel that from still lifes that I'm doing I am learning to understand form and observe much more. From digital I used to do mindless brush strokes knowing I can CTRL+Z and go back very easily... hehe! :)

Wish me luck as well.
Dahaca said…
Wait a minute! This looks like the bat-girl. No? Nevermind. Dudes I can't get into drawing frenzy lately. I am always tired from doing boulder climbing and I have to worry about school and stuff... This is getting lame. Good luck!
XIA said…
Knuckle> thanks, as for SS, I don't know it's more of a modern day costume, but the boots kinda look like them. But interesting idea after all. I will give it a short if I have time. As for the new community...I'm going back to blogger, but I'm asking the guy over at Art Jumble they can have over 100 users. Hope he will tell me the process.

Luca> I was a 2D animator before I became a concept artist. :) I did Disney Interactive games (2D) Like Winnie the Pooh, Little Mermaid, Monster Inc, etc. when I just starting out in the game industry. but Animating in 3D is totally a different monster. Zodiac Blades was suppose to be an iphone game. I hired some dev to make the code and it's playable, but not complete because it is too much and will consume much of my time...and already not a good business plan since it will come out so late. And ipad is coming out so the resolution will be bad. Long story shorts...I abandon it before I spend too much time and money on it. So... that was a good decision I thought...otherwise I wouldn't be able to take care of my blog and my job. :)

Dahaca> Hey! It's not bat-girl...well I just draw random face on tutorial and put the mask on. :) And as I explained on the blog. I like the face so I think it deserve a further rendition or revision. So here it is and they will be more. Good luck with school! :)
See you soon!