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How to draw Zombie digital painting tutorial

How to draw Zombie digital painting tutorial. Ah ha!
Here is a continuation from the previous mysterious girl sketch or female character design sketch in process still. Well, I came into a mid way of illustration and start putting some Zombies in there and I thought, why don't I just do a tutorial on drawing a Zombie, a short one. So I start recording a video of how to draw zombie's head and partial of the body. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy it. It isn't quite like a basic tutorial, it's a little more intermediate and it's going kinda fast. But you could watch it a few times, you might get something out of it. Or I hope so. :)

YES, Zombie! And yes, she is possibly fighting them. So now it make sense to why she would carry such nasty weapon? I was thinking shotgun, but then she isn't fighting them alone so some other character would carries shotgun and other Zombie killing equipments.

Girl fight Zombie!

Here are step by step drawing and shading Zombie:

how to draw zombie

Here is the final sketch so far, a lot to be done still...
fighting Zombies sketch

To see NEXT step by step go to part 3: Painting color over monochromatic.
To see previous step by step go to part 1: Female character design sketch

Here is a video tutorial:

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Knuckles930 said…
How is she so relax with stuff like that coming around the corner?
Luca said…
Oh now I understand the use of that weapon... I would consider the shotgun idea, such a beautiful girl deserves to protect herself well. I really like her tighs and the foldings of the clothes.

Well done man, it's been awhile you did a polished pretty girl :)
XIA said…
Knuckle> That's the point, some people (very few special ones) are cool like that. ;) Never panick.

Luca> Good idea,...but don't under estimated such things. Roses have thorns...and some beautiful flowers are poisonous.
Luca said…
Nice that I looked at it during the whole video, I feel she can be actually one of them - maybe some leader or something, cos as you said, even the roses and beautiful flowers can be poisonous ;)
Chris Reeve said…
Whoa she looks awesome! Really believable. Like Luca said you really got those clothes right.

If she smashes zombies with a mace, shouldn't she have a bit of blood spatter on her? I know it's gross, but so are zombies!
Jennifer said…
Xia, can you please perhaps share your PS brush with us that was featured here:

I've been looking for a brush like that for years -- I love the quality.
XIA said…
Luca> thanks bro, but your guess is waaaaaay off. Zombies can't really think, they are brain dead. ;)

Chris> Thanks, I know you would come back if I post the ZOMBIE...ha ha ha.
Working on blood splash. But donno if I can keep the mace...I have to change it to something quick, swift and equally deadly like a sword so she can quickly cut their head off. It know it sound clique... any idea for better hand to hand combat weapon that's as good as long sword, anyone? Or maybe, I will just go with shotgun... boring.

jennifer> You should make them brushes yourself is a tutorial
or the easy way out.
Chris Reeve said…
Erm, couple of kamas or a meat cleaver... problem is a large cutting weapon will be a sword or an axe. Or I guess a spear. Not really appropriate though. Still, I like the mace.
Knuckles930 said…
Go for a Guan Dao or a Halberd. And a arm or hand mounted mini shotgun as backup. Something like in Inglorious Bastards.
Spiritto said…
Hi! I have a very specific question:

I have seen many artists work the values first in a monochromatic tone and then, adding the color.

How do we exactly add the color after? I tried setting a new layer in every existing modes, but it didn't gave a specially good result.

Can you help me, please?
XIA said…
Chris & Knuckle> I was thinking about sticking to mace and Guan Dao too, but then...what if she has to fight 5-10 to more of them at time. I guess I will have to give her shotgun as a weapon and occasionally CHAINSAW!!! :)

Spiritto> You must be new to this site. :) there are tons on posts and videos in the site that will slowly build you up, NO rush, rome hasn't build in one day.
Start with one color using overlay, then merge it down...and paint normally and focus on value and temperature.


and read Q/A section on the right columns. Good luck. :)
Knuckles930 said…
A shotgun with a chainsaw. And add a flamethrower for extra effects. :D
XIA said…
Knuckle> Genius!!!! YES! Flamethrower IT IS!!! thanks Knuckle!!! Update coming up soon...gotta tweak the shotgun into Flamethrower! NICE!
Luca said…
Godness! flame thrower - that's BADASS!! she'll burn the hell out of these zombies :)

Will be looking forward for it man.
Knuckles930 said…
Nice! Looking forward to a action shot. Going for a attached tank or backpack style set, like the ones in WWII?
JackDinn said…
I guess I'm late to the party but to me it doesn't look like she's fighting the zombies.

I think she's about say "Yeah, this town's got zombies. Ya just gotta know how to keep 'em in-line.
This one's my new boyfriend. I'm takin' him home to meet my folks. ... They're vegetarians."