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Draw and paint gasmask soldier.

How to draw gasmask soldier step by step.  Drawing and painting tutorial.  If you composition doesn't work, do it over. Yep, that's the only solution. That's why we, artists, do a lot of thumbnails (or nowadays could be speedpainting test) to work out the composition and lighting before we actually go in and do the real painting and refinement of whether digital or traditional. It will safe us a lot of time and effort and the illustration or painting will turn out better than if you trying to go from zero to nowhere. Though it may work from time to time just doodling and messing around, but it's not the way to go if you really have a serious assignment from the real project or from clients. ;)
As what I did previously with the girl (zombie hunter girl), I was just paint on the go aimlessly. For doodling, it works because you explore and do whatever you feel like without any sort of framework or deadline. I did have some idea, but it was NOT solid or there is no thesis in the idea of that illustration and it conveys thru the image. Not a good example for a solid project...but possibly good show for the doodling in sketchbook style aimlessly and just practice.

Anyway, so I am doing it over since I didn't really want to scrap it. It has some potential to be a good piece. So I gather my thought together and trying to put together pieces and find my theme of the image and what I could do with the character. So since her pose is very relax and more comfortable with the surrounding, I should put her with the teammate or some sort of character that will not intensify the scene (like her enemies). And muddling around and find the fit composition that would put it together nicely and it turns out better than the previous image (How to draw a Zombie digital painting). So I decided to put the gasmask dude from the previous drawing video tutorial, gas-mask apocalypse rogue soldier, in there since they are in the same gang. And here it is. ***though I took the Zombies out, don't worry....they will be back in NEXT!***

Zombie Hunting Squad

Here are step by step process:

comics digital painting process
digital painting photoshop tutorial

Here is the illustration in process I have so far: Couple more pass, then it should be done.
concept art Zombie hunters

Here is the bigger size image: Concept Art Zombie Hunters.
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Dahaca said…
What a flaming couple! GJ!
David said…
Yeah, I like it a lot better this way! Ask me the next time you're not sure about your composition ;D
Jan said…
Nice job, agree with David, it looks a lot better this time. Hopefully you can use the zombie for something else, perhaps for a Romano dedicated piece.
David said…
Now that I look at it again I think it would be cool if she had sort of a bad-ass smile on her face, like "let's hunt some zombies!" :D But it's nice either way
Luca said…
Nice on Xia, yeah this is much better as a composition its more balanced. I like this balance of prettyness of the girl and the roughness of the gasmask guy, As said, well balanced!

(man that guy look badass and tough!! Don't know what, but he reminds me of Jason Vorhees!) :D

Well done bro.
XIA said…
Dahaca> Thanks brother...Flame ON!

David> Thanks brother. Though a smile is really hard to make it deadly on semi-realistic face...I don't want to mess with it at this stage. Like what isn't broken, don't fix it. ;)

Jan> Thanks bro. Good idea, but Are you a Pirate?

Luca> Thanks bro! Actually the contrast principle is one of the rules that would make your concept or illo interesting to look at. Like HUGE Monster with little kid. Yeah, Jason with the :)
Kenneth Hunter said…
This is your best one yet man! Why don't you work traditionally? Wouldn't you want to sell the originals?
idrawgirls said…
Kenneth> Thanks man, :) I do from time to time, but it's a lot more convenience for me to paint digitally. If you are working in the concept industry (games, movies, etc.) then it's pretty much a job requirement.
For me, really it is not about making a piece and keep it or sell it. It takes too much time to get a show together and sell originals. Just not really in my interested. Im just pretty much like to scribble no matter on paper or on computer depending on what kind of tool available at times.
Most importantly, it is the progression of your work and see how you can grow better and better.

Marko said…
ahh rly nice! love the gasmasks xD!
u could do some more evil looking girls... eh my taste..

p.s. didnt draw for months now and i feel so rusty, but im back!!
idrawgirls said…
Marko> Thanks, LOL...Evil girls rock!
Marko said…
dont know where is the talk about music, cant find.. here is the one that suits the pict xD!
idrawgirls said…
marko> right column of the blog?