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Digital painting process final step Zombie Hunters

Digital painting process final step "Zombie Hunters." You can take a look at the previous steps below:
It took me a little while to finish it up.
At this process of painting, it isn't much to say, except clean up the color and tighten up the overall values. And I notice that the mood or the overall values of the images is a lot darker than any of my previous painting.
I think because I just got a new LG monitor about a week ago, about 27 inches (I've been working on my Dell XPS 17" for the past five years), the color and everything look very awesome on that screen. Plus it HUGE and clear...I can see a lot better and I love it a lot more. Though I guess...the final image I worked on turns out pretty dark on my other monitors (at work or laptop). I will have to investigate that a bit. Anyway, here is a final version of Zombie Hunters concept design. More stuff to come. have fun.

Here is the Zombie Hunter Squad concept.

Here are steps by steps painting

digital painting process final step

character design Zombie Hunting Squad
character design Zombie Hunting Squad

Download Hi-res here: Character Design Zombie Hunters

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Joao said…
great blog, stunning drawings :).How long did you spend to draw this? You could to put in your posts how long you take to make the paintings, it would be cool.
Knuckles930 said…
Nice one. As for the monitor, I have the same thing with my laptop and pc. But you can adjust the settings to get the same colour on both. You might even want to keep a print near so you can adjust to that.
me9a7 said…
This has to be one of the sexy/badass female character I've ever seen. Something about her Jacket makes her look stunning. Well there is her facial expression too of course :) I hope to see you do more of her and the rest of the Zombie squad. I like her so much that i have to ask your permission to do a fan art of her, may I? :D
me9a7 said…
Sorry its me again, was so excited about her character i forgot what i wanted to say about the painting lol. I think the fact that its darker really helps the mood for this piece and the overall tone for a setting like Zombie Hunters, well then again im a sucker for anything "dark" lolz. Btw whats the female character name?.
Luca said…
Xia nice work man.I have the same problem - on ps they look ok but when I upload them they fall into pure black.

Anyways, I think that adding those socks on her thighs really makes her even more SEXY! well done bro.
XIA said…
Joao> Thanks man, I assumed this is probably your first time here. Estimate each post I probably spend about 40mins-2hours depending on the time I have. But each one pass mostly I will do in one sitting. And if you ever watch my video tutorial, I usually said how long it would take me to do in each one. This whole image with back and forth and didn't plan...with Zombies and no take me longer than it should which is about 10-12 hours. It should be 6-8 hours for the total with just the Gasmask and the lady. Well, including thinking that would probably be longer than executing....So...really I have no idea. But in relation to profession, you should be able to pull it off in 6-8 hours :)

me9a7> S'up brother? Thanks, I'm flatter. There will be more of her for sure. And of course you can...I still have no name for her yet but thinking something Slavic like...wait...Oh oh... ZARIA possibly. Thx :)

Luca> Thanks bro, yeah...we all have to tweak the screen once in a while...and the stockings is the last minute idea. Whao! I guess it works.
XIA said…
K wait...I take the name back. The dude will be Vlad and the girl should be Olga cuz I always thought that Olga is a hot name for a chic. ;)
Luca said…
oh yeah! "Olga, Olga! if you need some help to kick some zombie-ass, call me ok"

:P well done brother.
me9a7 said…
woot! thanks Xia! i'll try to do her justice (obviously thats gonna be hard =p ) hmmm so her name is Olga Zaria then? that is a really kickass name :] Vlad is awesome too, can't wait to see the rest of the crew.
XIA said…
Luca> Thanks bro

me9a7> Cool, can't wait. Just Olga though for now...last name I'm still thinking about it. :)
Octavian Bene said…
Super work. I really like this one. Everything is perfect.