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Portrait study process and playing around with Photoshop brushes

Portrait study process and playing around with Photoshop brushes.  This is part of how to paint Susan Storm from Fantastic Four.  
This post is just a doodle of painting portrait using different Photoshop custom brushes to create the texture and mood that reflect those of oil paint.
Usually I would emphasis on starting out with BIG shape and strokes and get them all into the right shape or as close to what you want. Then we can begin to go in and refine them and clean up.
This one suppose to be just 30 mins to an hour speedpainting study, but I could make it in time so it is unfinished at the moment. I will have to work on it still one more sitting to clean up some area, define more edges, and little dark and light here and there then I think it should be complete.
A lot of you are asking me about custom brushes, what I usually emphasis is that really fancy brushes aren't that necessary if you don't know how values works. I would strongly recommend that FIRST you master the default Photoshop round hard and soft. Also know how to work with how much or strong paint you should apply onto the painting (or opacity strength), then you can think about custom brushes. Custom brushes are really useful, but you cannot rely on it all the time. Knowing the basic or the foundation is a lot more important in painting than using fancy brushes. To me the custom brushes are totally cosmetic and they can save us a lot of time, but it cannot replace the foundation of what you know and how you know to execute. Most good painting can be made with just default brushes if you know how. :)

Here are also some basic drawing people in general, body and face (portrait) lessons like these tutorials, they will direct you to a basic how to: How to draw lesson girl face, How to draw person head basic. And digital painting tutorial rogue samurai female. As for the face or head (women, female) Draw girl's face how to lesson video and step by step and learn how to draw face, woman. Enjoy the video tutorials.

Anyway here is a portrait I'm working on, still unfinished.
Here are step by step from sketch to painting

Here is what I have so far, still a bit more to work on.
Time: around 45 mins
Continue here for next step: Tutorial Portrait painting digital


Unknown said…
Wow, not that your previous works were not super duper but it seems that the new brushes have given your painting some kinda new edge. I like it!... :)

Please continue and don't forget to make a new tutorial showing how to use the new brush engine... ;)
Knuckles930 said…
Nice man, really shows the power of values. Specially in the beginning.
Finally said…
Hai! Omg u works is awesome! But why I cannot watch some films? The ones from You tube are acting normally, in other I can see white field and nothing more
Knuckles930 said…
Could you provide us with a link of said not working video?
Finally said… here
Knuckles930 said…
It seems to work fine here. But the film is hosted by Revver.
idrawgirls said…
Benjamin> Thanks brother, yeah, just experimenting with the brushes and stuff. Most of the time I try not to use much custom brushes because I was trying to get the point across and try to really emphasis on the foundation instead of doing fancy things, but now I guess I can alternate and do some real art work.

Finally> Thanks brother. Yeah, I know, Revver is kind of in a and on. Those videos are really old too. But I usually upload the most recent ones on youtube now. Well, there are still a lot of videos on the site...browse around

KNuckle> Thanks for having my back once again brother. ;)
Sukhdeepak said…
Very beautiful pictures.
idrawgirls said…
Sukdeepak> thank man! :)