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Warrior Character design tips and technique

Character design coloring process.  Warrior Character design tips and technique and step by step art process continue here is part 3. The first previous two post are mainly to capture the idea of the design element of the character, then establishing values (paint light and dark) or light source of the image.
In part three process, I am adding a dominant color along with complimentary accent colors and execute more design element to tight the piece together...and possibly some under lighting and some other secondary stuff that will make the character unique but still in the category of what it is.

Another important element in character concept design is you have to be able to convey his, her, or its personality and posibly its origin. Remember, you have only one shot to get the first impression out what kind of a character it is because it's a one piece of character concept design. Interesting looks alone do not necessarily make for a good character; its personality is key as well. A character’s personality can be revealed through its poses, attitude, silhouette and what comes along with it such as costumes, weapon, etc. All the elements you put into your character will convey its origin and hopefully personality or persona. Is it intimidating? Costume can say a lot about a person like where or when it cames from, if you do your homework right... it should convey right away if it is from the Far East, medieval, rome, future, etc. The personality of your character doesn’t have to be particularly agreeable, but it does need to be other than interesting so research about patterns, design of any particular culture to accent your design would definitely help.

Here is what I have so far Barbaric Warrior character concept:

Here are step by step of Barbaric Warrior Design part 3
To see the previous step goto
part 1) rough character concept paintingpart 2) Warrior armor character design tutorial.

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And here is the current so far, I should be able to get this done the next one or two round as a quick character concept.
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Continue to part 4) Character concept design illustration

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Luca said…
Its getting closer and closer with every update. Xia, I'm digging alot of when you say big shapes, small shapes, then big shapes etc... The design really works well. By the way, his helmet is badass :P

Thanks for updating.
Knuckles930 said…
I love the art style for the armour. Specially with the rims. Didn't expect the open shoulder part though.
XIA said…
Luca> Thanks. I think reason being between leave space then detail and leave space in design is that for your eyes to travel and have place to rest somewhere. It's part of good composition.

Knuckle> Thanks, yeah most of my armor design usually favor full cover knight style armor. This one is a little more barbarian like. One side more open for more mobility when wielding the sword on the right arm bandit style. :)
Nick said…
Wow. You are so talented. All of your artworks are amazing! I wish I was as good as you :D
Octavian Bene said…
Very cool work. Love the helmet, armor and color scheme.
XIA said…
Nick> Thanks, just practice and watch the video tutorials...then you will. Drawing a lot is where it is at. ;)

Octavian> Thanks brother, your work is coming along very nicely as well. Kudos! Keep them coming. :)