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Captain America

Captain America, here is the final version of the Marvel awesome superhero, Captain America. Basically, in this final painting step, I paint and clean up mostly on the background and some additional gasmask goons. As for our hero figure itself, I just did a bit of values tweaking, but mostly trying to maintain what I already painted. The background art, I was trying to keep it as simple as possible. Shapes and values are probably the most important elements in order to keep it in the back and demonstrated some sort of dept in the quick illustration as shown. Same goes to the additional characters in the back, simple shapes and a few values as possible.

Here is the final version of Captain America:

Here are step by step of the painting above.
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How to draw Marvel way
And Final
Captain America drawing

here is a bigger version: Captain America
Video tutorial Digital painting Captain America

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Luca said…
sup brother! Nice work dude. (as always!)
Vince Kamp said…
Hey Xia, I love this latest post man. I've now started my own blog and all the artwork has been a result of your tutorials. Thanks so much. If you have a second please drop by


mohit said…
very impressive work. keep it up.
Gl said…
Amazing as always!
idrawgirls said…
Luca> Thanks bro!

Vince> Thank you, Im glad these stuff help you in some way. :)

mohit> Thanks man!!!