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Portrait study turn into quick illustration

How to draw portrait with charcoal.  Portrait study turn into quick illustration. I was doing some portrait study and do step by step for the blog because I had no idea what to do at the moment. Yes, lack of inspiration happens from time to time especially when you leave you pencil and pen for a while. So I was sketching until it almost complete then I looked at it and I was I could actually turn it into something else.
So first idea I had was I could put really dark over coat on her and then...a knife in her hand. I can make her an assassin! But then I thought I always do that let's change the course a bit this time. Something I don't usually do.
Then I had an idea of a garden surrounded her present and... while I was painting a camouflage or silhouette of tree branches and bushes I got an idea. Snake came to my mind. Then I totally get in the feeling of the piece. Eden, snake, apple and eventually the word "seduction" in the conclusion.
Anyway, here are the step by step for the work in process and the final piece I have so far. Still have to paint for a few more sessions.

More tutorial on face both videos and step by step go watch Learn to draw face girl, How to draw Batgirl comics, and drawing human's head 3/4 view. Also you can browse around the thumbnails above or the text titles on the right column of the blog. peace!

Here is a portrait study so far and to be continued.

Here are step by step process, portrait study
learn how to draw portrait
drawing face step by step
Then portrait...
learn how to draw
And it turns into something like here as my idea arrives.
learn illustration online
and eventually here
illustration step by step
Next step goto: Art illustration draw step by step

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Andrea said…
It's already a wonderful piece of art and I can't wait to see the way you will develop it further :)

Thanks for all you post here, your blog is one of my favorite ones on the net :)
Anonymous said…
I love your blog. Please check out my new blog! Support me if you can! :)

Thanks and I look forward to reading your future blog post.

Luca said…
Nice face dude, she's seductive ;)

Thanks bro.
Octavian Bene said…
Very nice work, Xia. Apparently, this beautiful woman it turns into Eve tempted by the snake. :)
yolee said…
my weekest part of drawing is establishing body figure, i allways fails at that, and im wondering ur recommendation of anatomy study books for drawing:D
yolee said…
and also Enviroment and Landscapes.
thanks in advance.
Luca said…
Yolee> For anatomy try BRIDGEMAN, or LOOMIS. They're the best you can find - either as pdf or books. Xia has some feature tutorials as well on constructing bodies...

For environments, I really like the old master William Turner, I think he really expresses emotion with his strong colors, so study them.

To study a painting, try this small exercise. Find a painting you really like and ask yourself "why does this painting look so appealing?", and try to figure answers... like the colors used, the shapes, the brush work and most of all- OBSERVE.

Hope this helps.

Anonymous said…
Nice work, you are really able to achieve a painterly effect on photoshop. Are you ever going to release your brush presets to the public? I would love to work with some of the brushes you work with.
Anonymous said…
Very beautiful Xia! Feels like traditional masterpiece :)
It's so beautiful! Will you add the video of it too? :)
Chris Reeve said…
Hello again! It's been a while as I've had to move home and set up phoneline and the internetz all over again.

I love this picture, it looks alot like a lithograph. I think this picture works perfectly well as it is, it's got alot of energy.

(Anon: You can get some of Xia's brushes in his tutorials.)
idrawgirls said…
Andrea> Thanks, Me too...I just hope that I won't mess it up. :)

Melissa> Thanks

Luca> Thanks bro,...and the snake will seduce Eve.

Yolee> Luca is right, also look around the blog for anything useful. There are plenty that I posted and forgot.

Anonymous> Thanks, it just practice and learning from others can also make it painterly by just using default round brushes...depending on how you mark and leave your brush work. Good luck.

Anonymous> Thanks brother, traditional probably yes, masterpiece...ha ha Im still far from it. Thanks...some day some day. :)

G.Evergreen> Thanks, but sorry there is no Video on this one. I wish I could record everyone of them but hardly it's time. If I quit my job and have more time, then we will have more vid on But then...I would be starving. :)

Chris> Thanks bro, hope the moving went well and all done nicely. Lithograph style? As if you've read my mind. I love Mucha!!!
idrawgirls said…
Wait!...I missed one.
Octavian> Thanks brother, your work have been progressing really awesomely. Keep it up! Don't let the snake temp ya. :)
Anonymous said…
Pretty! She actually looks a lot like Gemma Ward. O: