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Painting small creek environmental tutorial

Painting small creek environmental tutorial.  Landscape speed painting study process step by step. First, and probably most important in landscape or environmental design, is to pick your composition or viewpoint. It may sound obvious, but all too often people simply go with the first option that presents itself rather than wandering around a little considering the options a landscape presents. Where you stand in a landscape influences what you see in it and the angle you're seeing things. It's really great for artist to go outside and sketch environmental composition. It doesn't have to be very detail, it could just be some sort of values and composition study, then collect them in your sketchbook for further use.

There's something breathtaking about amazing landscape that motivates the artist in all of us to capture its essence though i don't do enough of it. My goal in the coming months is to do a lot more environmental painting, interior, exterior, city scape and landscape. I just want to be able to easily paint them as I usually do with figure. As though they are just a bunch of shape arranges into composition piece, it is still intimidating for me to do environmental concept art.

A lot of times, You can also use your imagination, like often concept artist has to come up with something new so they usually have to gather lots of references (5-7 to many more photos) to compose a piece. It's permissible to rearrange the elements in the landscape, if you think it'll make a better painting composition. Another option is to borrow elements from different landscapes and put them together in one piece.

You can enjoy more of the same kind of tutorials on environmental concept sketch go to and pick on of the following: Draw and paint Environmental concept Sand Valley, Drawing and painting environmental concept Magma Fall, Draw and paint landscape mountain rock, and Environmental concept tutorial IceScape.  Also this one, one point perspective city-scape tutorial, it include how to implement perspective into your concept art.

This one is just a study so that I can better my environmental painting skill. It's sort of like a speed painting and finished in less than an hour.

Here is a landscape study speed painting
Here are step by step speed painting process
landscape digital painting tutorial

Here is the final speed painting study (45 mins - an hour)
speed painting lesson

Enjoy the tutorial!

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Mister X said…
Wow! this could be useful when I turn to digital works :D

I'll try on GIMP
Luca said…
Hey xia, nice work man, glad to hear you're going to do a lot of environments. This one reminds me of one of the first paintings that hooked me to you blog some years ago, it was a waterfall as well :) remember it?

Anyways, I agree with you on what you said about environment painting, its important to explore the surroundings. Reference Jacob Collins if you need some inspiration for landscapes. He's a god, especially his figures!! ;)

Cheers brother, will be looking forward for more updates.
Sharon said…
Very beautiful......I love the drawings
idrawgirls said…
Luca> Thanks yeah, I really need to get my mojo going more on the Environmental stuff, specially the one with perspective... Need to be faster and meaner! ;)

Sharon> Thanks...painting you meant ;)