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Happy Thanks Giving Turkey monster

Here is just some quick experimental painting that I did of some kind of Turkey creature.  I haven't done creature concept art in a long while. So this is some sort of a break from the main art work I am working on.  This one probably takes me about 30-50 minutes doodling out.
I started off with totally random shapes and use random brushes.  Then I just pick and choose what shape should dominate and go from there.  Nothing much in this post, just playing around with shapes and brushes.

Here are step by step images:
creature speedpainting step by step

Here is a Turkey monster!
creature speedpainting step by step
Here is a bigger image: Creepy Turkey

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chalian said…
Interestingly, this is a good method to create!
Mac Imagery said…

Happy Thanksgiving, Xia!

- Mac
Amanda said…
Bahahaha! This is great! I love it XD
idrawgirls said…
@Mac You too thanks. ;)

@amanda thank you, that I ate that turkey by the way. lol :)