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Drawing on ipad with Sketch Club application

How to draw portrait on ipad.  Drawing on ipad with Sketch Club application made by the awesome Jim Scott.  And who would think ipad application would capable of doing such decent painting and sketch.  Two thumbs up for Jim Scott, the creator of the application called Sketch Club.  This post will be a how to draw and paint demo tutorial on using ipad as a drawing pad.  A friend of mine or former colleague at ArenaNet Jim Scott, one of the lead programmer on GW and GW2, creates this painting application for ipad called "Sketch Club".  It is a very cool and beyond basic sketch.  I try it out and was pretty happy how the app works so far.  I feel like I can do so much with it within the first and second trial. I just begin experiment with the app by doing a speed painting piece demo.  It turns out better than I expect from an app from ipad.  I can actually draw and paint like a real painting application on normal PC.  Well, even if it is limited compare to Photoshop but it has what it takes to get the job done beautifully.
Anyway, if you are interested in downloading the application for your ipad go to and if you want to interact with the creator directly, visit his blog  Give him feedback and anything.  Jim is an awesome dude and one of the best programmer I've worked with.

So here is my tutorial demo using Sketch Club application on ipad.  This one took me about 30 minutes and it turns out well.  I didn't know what to sketch on so I just sketch what I do best, a female warrior.  :-)  Yeah, it's best to test out something with what you already know how to do it well.

Here is a Female Warrior ipad color sketching and drawing

Here are step by step drawing Female Warrior on ipad
how to draw on ipad

Here is the final image of female warrior concept
how to draw on ipad female warrior
For bigger image here: ipad drawing female warrior

Here is a video tutorial How to draw on ipad, female warrior concept

Enjoy the tutorial!

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chalian said…
Hi Xia !
It is therefore imperative not to lay hands on the screen ?
Luca said…
Nice work Xia, so good to see something totally different from the usual videos :)

Too bad that everything here in Malta is WAAAAY too expensive, even the iphones are still more expensive than the U.S., even more the Ipad. Such a great tool.
you can take it to the museums with u and do some life-sketching over there. :)

hope to see more posts like this, thanks!
Knuckles930 said…
Interesting to see such development.
Danilo Ferreira said…
Nice tryout man, she looks great.
Shame i didnt buy my ipad while visiting france last september, i regret on that haha.
idrawgirls said…
@chalian Ha ha, you caught that huh. Yeah, if two spots are touched then it automatically moving or zoon in/out canvas. ;-)

@Luca There is no need to get ipad Luca, lol but yeah, it would be handy for painting outside. Though I don't think the screen are capable yet to deal with direct sunlight IMO.

@Knuckle Kudo to Jimmy!!!

@Danilo Like I mentioned, you don't really need one. Sketchbook should be sufficient enough. Unless you have some extra changes in your pocket, it could be fun. ;-)
su said…
hey, i just wanted to thank you for this blog ;-; it has helped me many times with artblocks or other stuff... the things you do are so inspiring and the fact that you make step-by-step for everything is so cool. you're awesome!
LZbrothers said…
Wow, could i know what tablet are you using? Your finger can interact with the screen! Anyway, thnks for the tutorial! It really helps!
idrawgirls said…
@su you are very welcome and thank you for visiting us. Keep it up and don't give up. ;-)

@Lzbrothers Ipad, yes you can also finger paint. Thanks.