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Learn to paint on ipad with Sketch Club application

How to draw a knight on ipad.  Learn to paint on ipad with Sketch Club application. This is a second tutorial of how to draw and paint on ipad tablet, it is a bit more intermediate.  You can watch the first ipad painting video tutorial and review over at Drawing on ipad with Sketch Club.  The application, Sketch Club created by Jim Scott, is capable of doing a really decent speed painting.  I like it a lot for many reason.  It is cheap and for the price it is one of the best painting application around the apple app store.
This post will be a how to draw and paint a knight armor concept design.  As I do with any of my digital painting tutorials, I start off with a rough line drawing to get the idea of the pose and overall composition.  Then I usually paint over the figure with just one medium gray tone to create the silhouette.  When I have the silhouette, it is easier for me to visualize the figure in more detail and find the way to figure out the light source.
After that I will go in with big brush to paint the light source and assign value to the character or figure.  The key is to make it simple first, do not over complicate things or worry about tiny detail in the beginning.
Once I have basic shape with the light source or assign value, it is easier for me to begin apply color onto the figure.  Since this version of the app does not yet have "Overlay" function, we will have to paint in the color.  If you know how to get the value accurately, then it should not be hard for you to paint without overlay.  The trick is that you will just have to put color in the light area, and leave the shadow be dark.  Because you cannot see color in the shadow therefore there should not be any color in the shadow area, it will mostly be gray or desaturated color of warm or cool.

Anyway here is the final image of ipad speed painting, Knight Armor concept

Here are step by step ipad painting Knight Armor concept

how to draw on ipad knight armor

how to draw on ipad knight armor
Here is a full size: draw on ipad armor knight

Here is a video tutorial painting on ipad Knight Armor concept art

Enjoy the tutorial

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chalian said…
Hi Xia !
you get a lot of fun with your new toy!
good Christmas!!!
idrawgirls said…
Lol thank brother. ;)
Mikael said…
Hello man!
Love all your tutorials, bought a couple and they have really helped me improve!

Anyways, great to see you trying out your skills at random programs!
Ands since were on that topic, could you please give mypaint a try? It's a really great application and I would just love to see you go at it and hear your thoughts!

Cheers for all the inspiration man! Keep it up!
idrawgirls said…
@Mikael sorry for the late reply. Thanks for your support and I am glad it work out for a lot of people. Keep up the good work!
I can't resist drawing and painting on anything. ;-)
Will give mypaint a try but there probably won't be a video since I have no tide with the developers. I will stick with sketchclub on the video cuz Jim is my buddy ;-)