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Black Rock Shooter color sketch work in progress

How to draw Black Rock Shooter.  One of my goal this year is trying to get one good quick sketch daily.  Well, I have been trying to do that in the past couple months, but unfortunately it didn't go as plan.  There are always things come up, distraction, etc.  Quite often it makes me feel unproductive.  Hopefully this year, I would be able to do at least five decent sketches per week.  Yes, there are times that some sketches did not meet my quality control and no, you won't get to see them.  ;-)
So here is a quick color sketch step by step of a character called Black Rock Shooter.  I saw this character somewhere on the internet and thought she is pretty cool.  So I decide to do a fan version of Black Rock Shooter.  I did not really know what it was then I did some research, and below are some essential information about Black Rock Shooter.

Black Rock Shooter (ブラック★ロックシューター Burakku Rokku Shūtā?) is a 2010 Japanese original video animation produced by Yutaka Yamamoto's studio Ordet and directed by Shinobu Yoshioka. The 50-minute OVA is based on the song of the same name by Supercell and its accompanying music video with illustrations by Huke. Musical composer Ryo and Huke, both members of Supercell, collaborated on the project.

The origins of Black Rock Shooter date back to an original character illustration titled "Black Rock Shooter" by the artist Huke, who posted it on his blog and the online artist community. Ryo of Supercell was inspired by the illustration and created the song "Black Rock Shooter" based on that character.

Story of Black Rock Shooter
Mato and Yomi are friends, then Yomi disappeared one day. As Mato tries to find Yomi, she merges with Black Rock Shooter and duels Yomi, who was possessed by an evil being called Dead Master (デッドマスター Deddo Masutā?), who wields a large scythe. As the possessed Yomi is about to fall to her death, Black Rock Shooter saves Yomi from falling, and embraces her, causing Yomi's body to be free from Dead Master. The events of their lengthy battle are dispersed throughout the anime. Yomi and Mato return to their normal lives, but Yomi begins to act strangely.

It's not so much of the story I am interested in, I just thought the character design looks cool and promising. I really like it.

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Here is the Black Rock Shooter character so far
draw and color Manga style

Anyway, below are the process of how I sketch this out. It took me longer than I actually anticipate, a few hours.  I really hope I can pull off one decent sketch per day or couple days.

Here is a step by step sketching and painting Black Rock Shooter.

drawing black rock shooter tutorial

drawing black rock shooter black

Here is the final sketch of Black Rock Shooter.  It is still in work in progress.  I will get back to it one of these day.  But for now...I am going to do a new quick sketch of something else.

black rock shooter sketch

To be continued
When I feel like getting back to it.  ;-)

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Knuckles930 said…
I like the effect of the blue smoke think near the eye. Looks real.
Unknown said…
Hi Xia,

I'm really pleased each time i look at your tutorials. They are very well explained either on technical or artistic side, and are a real pleasure to see.
So a big thank you to you and for your devotion and best wishes too.

You might like to try that software as an opensource alternative to drawing/painting, might be easier than gimp :
idrawgirls said…
@David thank you for your kind regards as well. I am glad that people are happy to visit the site and get something improve their skill and most importantly bring them joy and happiness as well as I.

thanks for the link too, will check it out. Cheers!
idrawgirls said…
@Knuckle Thank brother! Power of custom brush! not recommended, it's like cheating. ;-)
Anonymous said…
Hello Xia, I'm checking your great tutorials regulary. They are fun & ultimately inspiring. For this one it feels that her leg is out of proportion.
Unknown said…
Hey Xia,

cheating or not, could you explain more in detail, may be if you have another example, how exactly is the smoke effect created? It does look real...
idrawgirls said…
@Daniel There is no secret. It is fire brushes