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7 tips for sketchbook drawing

7 tips for sketchbook drawing.  Personally, I have two main sketchbooks one is 9x12 and 14x17. As an artist you need a sketchbook because it keeps you organize. And yes, you can draw on regular white copy paper, but it's hard to keep them all together in order in folder. With sketchbook, I always put the date on the first page drawn, then the last page. And I wrote "From Month/Year to Month/Year on the cover. The reason I did that because I will know the exact period of time I spend on one sketchbook. Moreover, if I need to compare two sketchbooks, I can to see if there is any improvement in my skill level.

There are 7 main reasons I use my sketchbook mostly for.

1) To get some quick concept idea down like thumbnails and comps.
2) To practice drawing, rendering, and shading skill and see my progression.
3) I use it in life drawing session weekly
4) Sometimes I go outside to do some landscape or environmental study
5) To work out on some preliminary composition sketches and new character, props, environmental design.
6) Random sketch down before bed, I often get cool weird idea that way.
7) To quick storyboard sequential instead of using script.

Here are some samples from my old sketchbook (I've not scanned anything new recently so.)

That's very much it. Or at least what I can think of for now.  Hope you enjoy the post.

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Alberto said…
Well, actually I use two, one for my new project: a comic, and the other just to doodling around.
Knuckles930 said…
I also have one going around. Like you said, there great for when you have some time spare.

A cousin of mine always carries a quite small one. He uses it almost any time he gets. I remember he showed me a page once filled with different hand positions.
John Stone said…
I have three at the moment.

1. My all purpose general one. I take it with me where ever I go (or when my wife allows me)I do life drawings, and jot down my painting ideas and make lots of notes.

2. I keep one at my computer desk and like to take a half hour to hour each day to do gesture drawing from here

And the last one is a bigger one where I take my painting ideas a step further and make them more developed and study references.
Chris Reeve said…
Since finishing uni all I use is A4 plain. It sure is hard to keep track! I kinda like shuffling madly through them all though, makes me seem more prolific then I actually am :D
Dahaca said…
I have one. For all sorts of stuff. Nuff said. :)
Wow. These are just "sketches"? (o.O) You have such vivid imagination, full of ideas and stuff. I can't even come up with a basic idea for a T-shirt design.

I think I gonna start using a sketchbook now, too. :)
Leon said…
I have sketchbooks all over the place, but even with all of them I'm still not quite as organized as I should be.

Your sketches are amazing! wow! :)