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Zombie speed painting demo

Zombie digital painting tutorial with video demo, here is another video and step by step digital painting tutorial instruction. I had no idea that Zombies are so much fun to draw and paint until recently. You pretty much can add or subtract what you prefer from basic human anatomy to fit your liking. Personally, I like Zombies' version from 28 days later. But recently, I have to admit that the slow moving ghouls are a lot more appealing as I envision them more. Romero's Zombies rule!

But before Romero's Zombies was inspired by The 1954 publication of Richard Matheson's "I Am Legend." It is the story of a future Los Angeles, overrun with undead bloodsucking beings. Notable as influential on the zombie genre is the portrayal of a worldwide apocalypse due to the infestation, in addition to the initial conception of vampirism as a disease (a scenario comparable to recent zombie media such as Resident Evil). Anyway, like art, certain subject has appeal that inspires people to further develop or adopt the genre (I not sure what I was trying to say).
Now I am reading the book called "The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead" by Max Brook. It is very interesting and has a lot of great information, but I think the author takes his subject very serious. Well, you never know, we often fantasize about the apocalypse since the dawn of mankind. Who knows how we will end up, but we certainly know why. Our kind are very destructive, and eventually might spiral into self destruction. Unless enough people have the will power to fix or undo what we've been doing wrong.
Wow, that was quite a serious paragraph, considering this is a drawing and painting blog. Any way, below are the recent Zombie dude I did.

Here is a digital painting video demo: Zombie

Below are step by step how to draw and paint Zombie
drawing zombie step by step

painting zombie step by step

Here is the final speedie
zombie speed painting

Hope you enjoy the tutorial,

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!*S.T.U-Vash said…
Hey there Xia, I never posted anything on your blog but your tutorials helped me a lot to learn more about your ways in painting and drawing, it gave me confidence, strengh

And so I've come to discover my own ways, I'm not afraid of my ideas anymore, I can overcome work I couldn't even think of before...

For all of this, thank you really much =')