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BulletStorm inspired speed painting process

Speed painting tutorial Bullet Storm.  I've been enjoying Bullet Storm for the past few days. The game looks gorgeous and the game play is awesome. It is pretty violent, but really what else do we expect from 1st person shooter games. We buy and play shooter games because we want to, well, shoot! I would not recommend it for kids under 17 though because it is ultra violent and tons of blood splatting action.
Then it's time to paint but I couldn't get the fun off of my mind. So I decided to just paint a piece inspired by Bullet Storm.
In this speedy, I used tons of custom brushes. Yes, I think it is time for me to really go all out with custom brushes. Since I started this blog, I've been holding out on using custom brushes just to get the point across. Get the foundation first, which are shape (correct drawing), value, color and edges. Once you get it, no matter what brush you use, it will be good.
This piece, I basically start out very much the same with a lot of my work. There are 2 ways I start either with line drawn or silhouette. Well, the line drawn will end up being silhouette or shape. So yeah basically both are very similar. Then I try to figure out the lighting (value), then hue (color), then play around with edges and harmonize the piece.  This one took me almost two hours.  Fun time.
Ok enough blabbing...

Here is a final speedie of BulletStorm

Below are step by step process painting BulletStorm inspired painting.
And below is what blasting on my headphone when I was painting the scene. There are a few songs, click fast forward for the next.  I love these tones of aggressive riff compose with war drum beats. They help me get lost in my own imagination.  Or was it the composer's imagination?  ;-)

Sometimes you have to wait a little while for music player clip to show up.

dark mage sketch
dark mage sketch

Here is the final speedpainting
dark mage sketch
Bigger version here: "BulletStorm Speedpainting"

Yes, I recorded this one. Here is a short video tutorial digital speed painting Bullet Storm.

Enjoy the weekend,

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Heartofdorkness said…
Really Cool Speedpainting, I was watching some of the gameplay and It looks pretty cool. The Charge shots looked interesting, and Stylizing kills looks fun. You're all about stylizing you must have really high scores. :D

The environments were also really colorful, I haven't seen that in a game for a while. :D

Is the "leash" being used here?
canvas artwork said…
very colourfull and think you have done well with this one.
Clean3d said…
I've spent quite a bit of time recently making custom brushes for the Gimp. I thought that with the right combination of textural brushes, I could finally make the fantastic painterly work that I wanted to.

After using them on a few pieces, I was amazed at how cheap it felt. It was like the brushes were doing more of the painting than I was.

It's true, there's no shortcut to making good paintings.
Chris Reeve said…
Xia having time to play a game? I don't believe it!

if you ever end up painting something duke nukem related there will be some serious bromance going around.

Also, like what you've done with the site! Have a good one.
idrawgirls said…
@HeartofDorkness Yes, it is a pretty badass game. The env reminds me of overgrown in GW but within the sci-fi context. I think the blue leash is like the force from starwar.

@canvas artwork Thank you brother.

@Clean3D Custom brushes are fun to play with. But it really tricky to make it works the way you want it to look like.

@Chris LOL, I heard duke nukem forever is back! Thanks, we are trying to improve and make it friendlier to navigate and share on social network. I try.