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How to draw Manga short hair cute spunky for girl

How to draw Manga hair style 3 and 4 Manga hair cute short spunky and hair long straight smooth. This tutorial is hair style number 2 from 4 different ways and styles tutorials.  Watch previous tutorial, How to draw Manga Hair 4 different ways.  It is the second basic lesson of learn how to draw Manga and Anime hair style. Drawing Manga hair style technique from rough geometry sketch to finish pencil drawing and shading. You can watch the video tutorial demo with narration on drawing hair for Manga and below are step by step images education how to supplement for the art lesson.

Here is a video tutorial for drawing 4 different Manga hair styles.

Like the previous tutorial I already have the face drawn up so I will just focus on hair drawing lesson. Below are step by step process drawing Manga hair style #4 cute short spunky

Draw manga girl short hair

1) Again, I start with an simple geometry shapes drawing, except this time they are slimmer rather than fuffly. We begin with five medium size simple shapes on the front hair bang, notice that there are 3 wide pieces and 2 slims.
2) Then I draw 3-4 more slim hair drop simple shapes next to both side of her cheeks.

3) Now, I already have simple shapes as base to draw on top of. I can now easily add detail drawing over the established basic shapes.

Drawing Manga hair tip 1) On the spiky Manga hair shape, Draw big then small or wide then thin or short and long. DO NOT make your hair spikes shape all even or the same shape, they will look strange. It is more natural looking with uneven split of hair clumps.

Drawing Manga hair tip 2) Start with bigger shape to establish the overall look first. Once you have the rough base to go on top, it will make your drawing a lot easier when try to add detail drawing.

Here is the finish version of Manga girl with cute spunky short hair style

Below is a step by step drawing tutorial Manga hair style #3  How to draw Manga hair long straight smooth.

1) Similar to previous tutorial, I start with an simple geometry shapes drawing, this is the easier way to get easy start in any drawing. We begin with three simple shapes on the front hair bang, notice that the bottom end this time is not taper but blunt cut.
2) Then I draw long simple next to both side of her cheeks.

3) Now I already have simple shape to go off from. I can now easily go in and draw detail over the established simple shapes.

Here is the final Manga girl with straight long hair style.

Hope you enjoy the tutorial.

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