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Art Contest ROUND 1 PowerPuff Gladiator at

In the past, I've always entered to compete in various forums. I won some and lost many, but it actually did make me a better artist. It is true. Every time I entered the contest, I am always pushing myself to the next level. There are a lot of time I fall on to second, third, or forth. I am always looking forward to the next round so that I can again stand among giants. I always get inspired by so many of my competitor's entries. They are soooo good. And now, I want you to get the same experience and I even give you incentive to try to win. Back then, there were no prize, just stars. There are some forums that offers prize but the contest goes for like half a year. I am not really good at spending a lot of time on one piece, plus there is so much work...sometimes I forgot to continue.
So bi-weekly is a good amount of time to do some decent work in my humble opinion.

Now, let me introduce you to ArtistsArena.Org
Go and register and compete in the arena among your artist friends and foes.

 Artists Arena.Org

Round 1 “Gladiator PowerPuff Girl”
*Make sure you go watch or read ”How to post image“ in the community

Re design or re create one or all of the PowerPuff Girls into a Gladiator! They are all grown up now too so try to put them all in a semi-realistic rendition. Put her into a well thought out armor design in action or relax pose to fit the fantasy world (could also be dark and gritty, up to you, use your imagination. Final piece can be color or black and white render, just do the best you can do.
**Image must be drawn and/or paint by you, NO PHOTO Manipulation**
**When post image, Don’t forget to check categories you post by mark check on “Round 1″ below the publish box.**

Winner can choose one of the following titles in three formats (X-box 360, PC, PS3)
Dragon Age II, Killzone 3, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Crysis 2
OR (a few of you suggested)
Three of idrawgirls PREMIUM TUTORIALS!!!
Your choices

Wednesday APRIL 13th, 2011 at 12:00 AM PACIFIC STANDARD TIME.

Instruction Below

More information about the contest goto Round 1 PowerPuff Gladiator
Watch or Read How to post image on  You only need to watch this once, then you are good to go forever.

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