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Drawing Dynamic pose for figures sketches

Drawing Dynamic pose for figures sketches.  Here are several sketches I drew today.  They are all done traditionally since I've drawing with pencil a lot more recently.  Each takes about 15-20 minutes to draw, just some quick sketches and study for fun.  I basically just focusing on lines and dynamic foreshortening for each pose.  Foreshortening action pose are by far, in my opinion, the hardest of all.  Though I try practice as many action poses today because I think I have not really done them other than in life drawing session.  And here is, I think, how I put my knowledge of life drawing in good use. If you notice, all of them where tank tops and shorts.  It is because my site was blocked by a few sites.  And we do not like to be block because of our little bit of nudity.  But I guess, some people don't really understand what art is or what figures study is.
But just in case, I will just think of it as kid friendly.  It is better off that way since we don't really know who is here and who isn't here watching.

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How to draw action pose