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Mongol soldier quick paint over step by step

Mongol soldier quick paint over step by step. Here is another re-paint of one of my older sketch from 2007, how to draw manga comic Mongol warrior.  I sketch it really quick in photoshop way back then.  It took me less then 20 minutes and I thought it has a potential to be flesh out a bit more.  I finally get some time to get around to paint over the Mongol soldier.  In similar fashion to a few posts earlier, how to draw barbarian warrior, I plan to paint over or re-paint more of my older works that I've never have time to actually finish them how they intended to be.

In this one, I also try to experiment more with lighting.  It turns out close to what I want, but I should have spend more time doing research and paint.  But a few hours in, I had to put my Wacom tablet down because I am really hungry.  Also I have to follow my schedule and go run for a few miles.  I do run almost every day if I've never mention.

Anyway, I am trying to experiment more with different lighting situation.  Like the previous draw barbarian warrior, I am trying to push my speedpainting on to a different direction of what I usually do.  In this one, I have the Mongol soldier's back toward the wall that cast shadow, but the bright afternoon light is coming from his right hand side.  I am trying to get my quick painting be a bit more dramatic than usual easy pin up.  And I have no idea what to put in front of him at the time.  So I have some sort of werewolf or werebear creature facing against him to create tension in the quick illustration.

After all, I learn one important thing.  I have to paint more and look for some lighting sample or reference.  I will eventually polish the Mongol and the barbarian up when I have some more time, but today... this is it.

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 Here is a final quick paint over Mongol soldier (2011 version)

Here is the Mongol soldier from 2008 sketch.  To see drawing video tutorial go how to draw manga comic Mongol warrior

Below are my step by step painting process images
illustration step by step

illustration cg tutorial

Here is a close up, you can see brush strokes and how messy it is.
brush strokes digital

Here is the final Mongol soldier
mongol soldier digital painting
Here is a full size image of Mongol soldier

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