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Sucker Punch Concept Art Book

Sucker Punch Concept Art book is here! I just put in an order on Amazon.

This movie is probably one of my top ten must-watch this year. Zack Synder is one of the best visual story teller directors in our time. I love 300 the movie, one of my most favorite film. I have a feeling that Sucker Punch will be along the same line visually, except more girls. If you never seen the trailer, watch below.

Here is a book cover:
sucker punch art of the movie

Here is one of the review, video included from Amazon Sucker Punch book's review
"This art book is way thicker than I expected. It's 256 pages in a wide format hardcover. Nice.  Zack Synder's previous films (300, Watchmen, Legend of the Guardian) have a thing for CGI and this latest one is not exception.  This art book (and film) is like a pop culture hurricane. There girls with guns and blades, robots, orcs, castles, machine gun welding giant samurais, dragons, zombies, orcs, castles, theater and brothel. All these are from the vivid imagination of the lead, Babydoll."

The visuals in the book is a mixture of photos and art. I like how they exaggerated anime-like drawings, conceived in such a way as to reveal the primary personality and characteristics of each of the all-female team of protagonists. Each of the main female characters get several pages devoted to images of them taken from the movie. Substantial treatment is also allocated to the physical environments and to minor characters such as the World War I soldiers who figure in the film.   But honestly guys the book and the film has everything we ever dream of whether it will be good or bad.  Even if the movie turns out bad, it will still be greatest of the bad bunches.  Come on, hot girls in Japanese school girl outfit (I don't know how it is relevant but I guess it's the creator's vision?), giant robots, Nazis, Zombies, Samurai, Medieval knights and Dragon are all in the movie?  How many time we will ever get to see that.  Probably not ever, until now.

sucker punch concept art book
This has to be one of my most favorite Mech robot in the world. A PINK bunny? really?

sucker punch concept art book
sucker punch concept art book
sucker punch concept art book

Tons of cool concept and eye candy images.  From what I have see, it looks sweet. I hope I will get my book sometimes early next week. Peace!  

And of course, I love movie's soundtracks and cannot wait for MP3 Sucker Punch's soundtrack.

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Danilo Ferreira said…
Ordering mine too, hope to receive it by the end of the month. Can't wait! :)
Heartofdorkness said…
One of my favorite Zeppelin tunes, although it was a little messed up, a Malcolm X quote, fire, and of course girls. That trailer has it all, Might just watch the movie.
Chris Reeve said…
...I'm sorry what? I was too busy looking very carefully at the material on the blonde girls skirt. That's some might fine cloth.
idrawgirls said…
@Danilo Me neither, mine should be here this week.
@heartofdorkness Jimmy Page rules!
@Chris I know we would be mesmerized by something in that nature, wouldn't we?