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Art Contest ROUND 1 PowerPuff Gladiator Voting

Round 1 “Gladiator PowerPuff Girl”
I have to say I am very impress with the very first round of contest at ArtistsArena.Org  There are some stunning art work from the entries.  I could not have anticipated any better turn out.  It was great to see so many of you work hard and succeed.  Many of you I am sure have put a lot of effort and push your limited.  The point of the contest is to make you grow as an artist and hopefully contest makes you the better artist than you were.

ROUND 02 will begin on Wednesday April 20th, 2011
Sharpen your Wacom, the battle will begin once more for the ultimate prize!!!

I cannot wait to see what is coming in round 2 at
Now we will all cast the final vote. Who ever has the MOST number of VOTES win! Final Voting will go on until Sunday (final day to vote on the POLL is April 17th at midnitght)

You can help us out and go vote for the Top Ten finalists here

The topic of contest: Gladiator PowerPuff Girl
Re design or re create one or all of the PowerPuff Girls into a Gladiator! They are all grown up now too so try to put them all in a semi-realistic rendition. Put her into a well thought out armor design in action or relax pose to fit the fantasy world (could also be dark and gritty, up to you, use your imagination.

Below are the top five entries at the moment.
Go cast your vote here

© Jacob Siebentritt

© Khoa-Ho

 © Stanislav-Aldinov 

  © Benjamin Ayilara

© Johnathan Sung

Great job guys and many others.  If I have more space on my blog post, I would put all of you in here.  But I have to keep it short for page download time, otherwise nobody will get to see anything.

Again, you can go vote for your most favorite here:

You never know with a lot of good entries coming up and really good art work from winners.  We might get to see some tutorial from these guys.

Hope you enjoy the post, peace!