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Night Elf digital painting process

How to draw and paint night elf or Night Elf digital painting tutorial process. Digital painting tutorial of World of Warcraft character, Night Elf. This one I get it done about the same time I did Blood Elf speedpainting. I just didn't get around to post it last week.
In similar manner to the previous step by step, I started out with scribble to find her structure and suitable pose. After that I established shape or silhouette. During this process everything is still monochromatic and it is easier to try to figure out the lighting direction than when involving many colors.
This one though, the lighting is coming from below. The light source is the little ball of fire at the tip of the arrow. And again, I paint the over all image as loose and suggestive rather than finished illustration style. Once I have the basic value in place, I will then start to slowly figure out the color scheme and paint over the under-painting.  The really most difficult or tricky part of this speedpainting is probably finding the lighting direction on the her face.  It takes me longer than usual because it is an unfamiliar process to me lighting the face from light source underneath.  So it takes almost 20-30 minutes just figuring out the lighting on the face alone.  It is quite challenging for me to do so.

Here is a bit of information about Night Elf, the night elves, or kaldorei (sometimes spelled kal'dorei) are "Children of the Stars" in their native tongue of Darnassian. The kaldorei are a reclusive and mystical race born during the waking of the world. Though tribes and clans of trolls have been in existence almost or some speculate even as long as they have, the Darkspear trolls playable in the game have not been around nearly as long, thus making the night elves the second most ancient race playable in the game (the most ancient is the draenei race) and the first to appear on Azeroth. Theirs is a most ancient heritage, which has shaped them into a very self-sufficient and self-conscious people that often display strong streaks of isolationism.

Here is a final speedpainting of Night Elf.

Below is a digital painting Video tutorial Night Elf

Below are step by step images of Night Elf.
night elf digital painting tutorial

night elf digital painting process

night elf digital painting

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