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Conan the Babarian 2011, yes or no?

Conan the Babarian 2011, yes or no?  Personally, I would say YES!  Why?  First, it creates jobs and tons of job for people like us, concept artists.  Any fantasy or Sci-fi movie that will be made I totally support it bot good and bad.  Movies that do not use professional artists of any kind (concept, matte painting, sculpture, and props makers) can go to hell.  I hardly ever pay to go see it in theater.  Yes, I support many of my professions who dream of beautiful things and make art for living.  Moreover, I love Conan as long as it is fun and watchable.  But since there are so many trash talking to the new movie, my expectation will be pretty low.  On the bright side, if the movie happens to be decent, I will be pretty happy enough.

Here is a Trailer for 2011 Conan the Barbarian. (Trailer 1)

Interview with Jason Mamao

The dude is nice enough and he seems to know what he got himself into. I think people should give this movie a chance. He even mention the master artist Frank Frazetta huge influence on Conan.  And yeah, that's Khal Drogo from "Game of Thrones."

I've seen so many negative comment already about this Conan will suck!  I have no idea what these people are expecting, they haven't even seen the movie yet.  How could they make a judgement when they have not seen it. Well, it doesn't look that epic to me, but it is just a trailer.  Many epic trailers fail when the actual movie comes out.  Personally I think it would be a fun flick, why not.  It is after all Conan, a muscular barbarian dude who goes around and cut people up in the name of justice.  I just hope to see a lot of beautiful half naked women running around in the background.  What else do you expect from Conan, it is just what it is.
Or maybe, they are expecting Arnold the Terminator Governer to be Conan again.  But if they want that, just go watch the older version, I watch it all the time.  Just because they make the new one, it does not mean your DVD or movie file will evaporate.  Though I found this one really funny site compare the previous Conan to the 2011 Conan.  You should go look at the images and comment, they are hilarious!  ;-)
Conan vs Conan the babarian.

Most of the time, I just wish that people would chill out over the internet.  Too many negative energy, especially when they can really be anonymous.  I hardly ever see that on Facebook because they have real identities.

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