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How to paint folds and wrinkles on cloth

How to paint folds and wrinkles on cloth.  Fox spirit digital painting process using Photoshop. In this painting step by step tutorial, I am still experiment with high key painting, but unlike my previous two high key I've done earlier ( High key painting and High key portrait painting.)  The previous two I painted using the value scale of 70 to 100 (*100 = white, the far end right of the brightness bar on HSB in Photoshop). That's a very small range of value to work with. In this illustration, this time I expand into a bit wider range, but still remain high key value. I use value range from 50 to 100 (medium grey to white) for this illustration and spend a few days on it. I have more value range to paint and work with this time to the image turns out a little better in term of making her look three dimensional rather than flat. Anyway, I felt like painting a fox spirit so I did.

Fox spirit is an ancient Far East spirits (mostly evil), it appears in China, Korean and Japan's fairy tales. It has its own name, 狐狸精 Huli Jing in Chinese, 구미호 Kumiho in Korean, or Kisune in Japanese.
in Chinese mythology are fox spirits that are akin to European fairies. Huli jing can be either good spirits or bad spirits. In Chinese mythology, it is believed that all things are capable of acquiring human forms, magical powers, and immortality, provided that they receive sufficient energy, in such forms as human breath or essence from the moon and the sun.
The fox spirits encountered in tales and legends are usually females and appear as young, beautiful women. One of the most infamous fox spirits in Chinese mythology was Daji (妲己), who is portrayed in the Ming novel Fengshen Yanyi.
Like all other monsters, the fox spirit was thought to grow wise with age and with enough training, eventually learn to morph itself into various forms, including humans. But often times, in human form, they still cannot hide their tails.  Thus, they are often depicted as beautiful young maidens that trick unsuspecting men and later consume their hearts. In modern Mandarin profanity, the term huli jing is a derogatory expression describing a woman who seduces a married or otherwise a man who is already taken.

Fox Spirit, 狐狸精 Huli Jing
how to paint Anime fox spirit

There are also many Chinese movies base on Fox spirit's characteristic and tales. The most recent one I saw a few years ago called 畫皮 (Hua Pi) or "Painted Skin"

Though in Korean and Japan, fox spirit often refer to a nine tails fox. The nine tails often portrays in Manga or Anime as extremely powerful. I would put them into a different categories based on what I've seen. They are powerful in my opinion but the demon is still more than a few ranks below Dragon, Monkey King, and many more.

Now, um...where was I? Ah.

Digital Painting tip video tutorial, painting cloth

Below are the step by step how to paint Fox Spirit images
how to color anime fox girl

how to paint fox spirit

I took the ears out because I don't really like it when she too much like a furry rather than a fantasy or fairy tales painting.
So...but that's just me.  
fox spirit
Download bigger image here: Fox Sprit

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