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Get Zelda or Angry birds for your lunch.

Do you ever feel like getting Zelda or Angry birds for your lunch.  Now you can with the site call
I stumble upon this website when I saw the post on Angry Birds Bento box.
Here, Angry Birds never looks yummier than this!

I don't think you can order this version of Angry Bird Bento box yet.  But the artist who make the Bento lunch box has a description of how he/she made them.   This fun creation was made by the guys at mymealbox, and perfectly captures a bird and a green piggy in edible form. The red bird was made from white rice and tomato sauce, with a carrot beak and red pasta feather. Green piggy was crafted from rice, edamame and pea paste, with good-enough-to-eat edamame ears, and a cucumber nose. Both of them have eyebrows and eyes made from nori and cheese slices. 
They have a menu on the website for order, but then I don't think it is available in US.  Sadly, they located at Puri Indah, Kembangan – West Jakarta, but we do deliver our bento to our customers around Jakarta and vicinity (Bogor, Tangerang, Bekasi, Serpong). 
But you should visit their website at, they have a lot of cool inspiring Bento art and some recipe for their Bento lunch box.